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Kidnapping Mystery Game (No Murders)

Kidnapping murder mystery gameGame of the Day: What Happened to Sam Disney?  A great choice for church groups!  

Kidnapping only (no murders) mystery game with mini scavenger hunt search for clues. Budget friendly; lots of fun. 

Read this review…

“Well, we had our mystery dinner last night for Family Night at our church. Immediate response was they LOVED it! This morning the pastor told the congregation he felt sorry for anyone who missed it.  One person commented that it was the most fun Family Night they’ve ever had.”

“We did adapt it some for our purposes, but I would definitely recommend What Happened to Sam Disney mystery game if you have other churches looking for a less “sinful” script. There were kids in attendance, and nothing at all objectionable for them. For Mamie-Eve Dempsey, we played down the psychic aspect and focused her having an invisible bunny friend instead. Cain Abel was going to have a shopping addiction. He talked about needing money after his last flop and had made up some business cards to pass out. He handwrote his name and phone number on the back of real businesses cards because the couldn’t afford his own.

Oh, Cain Abel had a couple other cute ideas. He helped serve dinner – his second job because he needs the money. And later when he insults Mamie Eve, he and Rebel got into an altercation that looked like might become physical and Cain offered him a part in his next movie if he didn’t hurt him.

My daughter, Angela, who played Mamie-Eve, came up with a some cute clues for clue locations and Sequence of Events sheet to hang in the “backstage” area for the characters waiting for their entrances.

For the scavenger hunt, we put the clues in business size envelopes with CLUE in large black letters, so there would be no mistaking they had found a clue. There were 5 tables so as Detective Mattie Jiggs handed out the rule sheet, she assigned each table one clue to solve. Then each table worked on the crossword puzzle together. We had a big chalk board with the blank puzzle drawn on and Mattie wrote in the answers as they shouted them out.

I suggested this event to the Fellowship Committee because my former church did Next of Kin. It wasdone as a youth fundraiser.

Thanks for a great script!”

Cindy Elowsky

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