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Game of the Day: Our Halloween Murder Mystery Game

Halloween murder mystery gameOur Halloween Murder Mystery Game, Thirst for Blood

The Mora Area Chamber of Commerce buys a mystery game from us each year and does a bang up job of adapting it to Mora, Minnesota with it’s rich history and characters.  They adapted our Halloween murder mystery dinner party game, Thirst for Blood, into a story about their local feed mill.

About Thirst for Blood: 

One year ago tonight, at the very stroke of midnight, under a full harvest moon, a fire broke out at the Bates Mansion situated next to the historical cemetery at the edge of town. Witnesses to the fire say they saw the mansion spontaneously combust into a terrifying ball of fire and, as it burned, they saw distraught ghostlike beings fly out of every window, wailing in terror. Today the Bates mansion still lay in ruin at the top of that hill – an eerie reminder of that tragic night and the curse that seems to hover over this town.

The prime suspects: 

  1. GRACE PEABODY: Reclusive and eccentric occultist who’s come out of hiding to warn Devil’s Gulch that something evil is about to happen again. She’ll do everything in her power to stop it.
  2. LESTER DANVERS: Folks around here call him “Simple Lester” because he hasn’t been the same since he almost died in that awful fire last year. He seems to have a big crush on Lucy.
  3. LUCY CABOT: A woman who devotes too much time to her career as a writer for the “The Probe” newspaper as she searches for someone to mend her broken heart (her fiancé was lost in that tragic fire). She’s hoping that man will be Peter.
  4. HELENA WASHINGTON: She’s domineering, powerful and very much a nag to her husband, George. Oh, and Peter Parker is the bane of her existence.
  5. MAYOR GEORGE WASHINGTON: George is very proud of the fact that he was named after our first president and considers himself comparable to his namesake. Truth is, he needs to prove himself a man, especially with his wife.
  6. PETER PARKER: The wealthiest man in town with the bad boy reputation. This man always gets what he wants and he wants the Bates’ property so he can build a large mall and wax museum — the first in Devil’s Gulch.
  7. INGRID BATES: Norman Bates’ alleged long-lost aunt who has come to Devil’s Gulch to lay claim to the mansion.
  8. DR. LUDWIG VON HERRING: He investigates the unusual and the unexplained and plans to use the mansion as a center for the paranormal.

I’ll let Karen take it from here: 

“We had our Chief Deputy Sheriff come and start the play off with a few words about the “haunted mill” and also a moment of silence for those who perished in the mysterious fire. We started lots of rumors around town before and after the play. We turned the evening into a haunted halloween party – in February.

Our zombie (Reginald Maxwell II – owner of the local Re/Max realtor agency) was very nervous (his first show) …but he was stupendous! ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH (Pirate/Zombie words!)

The Mayor (Ben Dairy) and his wife (Helena) came as nurse/patient. The mayor’s robe was open in the back and his union suit flap unflapped on one side so a hairy (photo of a) butt showed through – and boy, did it look real!! His brother Jerry Dairy died in the fire (Ben and Jerry Dairy – get it?!!)

Our 3 dancing virgins undulated (dare I say danced?) in tutus and veils to part of Disney’s Fantasia Suite. One of the 3 men looked a bit like a character from Duck Dynasty (before the tutu’s) – great sports – as they twirled with the guidance of Cleo Lane, Grace’s assistant.

It was a Ton of Fun, Susan. We had over 240 people in attendance – so much so that we need a bigger venue for 2015.

I’ve already purchased the play we’ll do next: “Final Cut“. Can’t Wait to get out the Red Carpet!

Thank you Susan ~
As Always, Karen


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