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Church Groups & Teens

Are our murder mystery games appropriate for teenagers and/or church groups?

Our murder mystery games are rated PG-13 (think Prime Time television drama), contain mature themes and, in our opinion, are not suitable nor recommended for young children under 13* or conservative church groups.


There are murders that occur during the mystery and arguments/fights to set up motives – potentially scary for youngsters and potentially inappropriate for church groups.

Also every murder needs a motive and those motives may involve extramarital affairs or a character who loves to drink to excess, for example – mature themes for children and possibly unacceptable content for conservative church events.

Some themes may and will work very well for teenagers and less conservative church groups.

Each individual game page has a description of the storyline and characters. It also has our rating, possible adaptations you can make and a script sample you can download.

You’re the best judge on appropriate content for your church or your teenagers. We do not issue refunds for a church group that buys a game and finds it inappropriate.

Idea from Reverend Doreen Canavan of the United Essex Church in Canada: During your next service discuss the outcome of the prime suspects – what sort of life did they go on to lead? It’s a lovely way to tie in a moral and spiritual message.

We welcome and encourage you to contact us if you have questions before you purchase.

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