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NOTE: This game will work while sheltering in place: Operation Catch Me If You Can

Graphic scavenger hunt for kidsOperation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt For School Aged Kids

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GREAT VALUE!! This creative, fun scavenger hunt for kids aged 7 to 12/13 includes a step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more. It's great for team building.

We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality game the kids will love.

REVIEW: "I, I mean the kids had the time of their lives!!!!!!! I want you to know that I am by far declared the coolest mom ever!!!!! All of the kids said that this was the best slumber/any party that they had ever gone to. I think this party will be talked about for years. In addition to that I have you to thank for all of it. P.S. Whatever will I do next year? - Chundra Dotson, Cordova, TN. READ MORE REVIEWS

OVERVIEW: This classic scavenger hunt game is designed for kids aged 7 to 13. It's a great addition to any party (birthday, Halloween, etc.) It has enough interesting activities (missions for the kids to accomplish) and options to fit anyone's budget and time frame. It will work in any house but it's best to have access to a yard and a neighborhood if possible just to expand the playing area so the kids don't get in each other's way.

The kids will be divided into teams (a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10 kids per team). Each team will receive a collection bag containing a digital camera or smart phone, their challenge sheet - the hunt itself - and various supplies. The kids will then embark on the scavenger hunt, taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing various projects - all worth valuable points. To customize the scavenger hunt, you can easily add additional items, pictures and projects to the list. Use our games as templates to build your own.


Scavenger hunt challenges are broken down into 3 categories: pictures (10), projects (2-3)and item collection (about 11). The full scavenger hunt will have detailed instructions & some alternative challenges to consider if you don’t like or can’t use the challenges as designed. For example, if you can't send the kids to your neighbor's house we give you an alternative challenge; we also provide "snow alternatives" for those folks that have snowy winters.

Photo example: Solve this riddle and then take a picture of your most dramatic team member doing something dramatic at the location. Riddle: They go up and down but they never move (answer: stairs). Note: not all challenges are in riddle form.

Collections examples:

Project Example:Go to the freezer and take out something that definitely doesn’t belong there. Follow the instructions. (They will need to follow the clues to collect pieces of a puzzle.) Note: not all challenges are in riddle form.

THE WINNING TEAM: We don't recommend a "winning" team. We recommend you award each team a special prize for their efforts: best photos, best projects, most creative, most team spirit - whatever "award category" you come up with to recognize their efforts as you observe them. It's important that there are no "losers".  Our kit includes Award Certificates.

REVIEW: "Thank you for saving the night! When I came up with the idea to have a scavenger hunt, I knew it would take hours to plan a successful hunt. I went on-line and within minutes, I had your Operation Kovert Kids Hunt in my hand. It was a beautiful thing! The hunt was a total success. I don't know who had more fun, the girls or myself. We had 12 teenagers for a slumber party. I noticed the age on the hunt said up to 12 years old. The girls I had were 12 and 13. I think they were at the perfect age, not too young to understand and follow the directions, and not too old to think it was boring. You know how teenagers can be. When the girls left the next day, several of them told my daughter and myself that it was the best party they had ever been to. My daughter was very excited about the whole night." - Patricia Gringeri, West Palm Beach, FL. READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

NUMBER OF TEAMS or PARTICIPANTS: Unlimited. Recommended minimum per team: 3. Maximum: 8. Suitable for a parties with boys and girls, all girls or all boys.

? What if you only have a few kids participating in this scavenger hunt? Instead of dividing them into teams, you can keep them all on one team and have them race against the clock, giving the single team a time limit to complete each section of the hunt, report back to you and bribe you for the next section and so on until the hunt is complete.

AGE RANGE: 7 to 12 or 13 year olds

LENGTH OF THE HUNT: About 2 hours (you can always remove challenges if you have less time for the hunt)

PRE-HUNT PREP TIME: For up to 6 teams, you can put our scavenger hunts together in about 2 to 6 hours (includes shopping for supplies, reading the scavenger hunt and prepping the materials); as you add teams, it may take you a bit longer to prep. You mostly need to print (and perhaps edit) the documents included with the kit, pack the collection bags and you'll need to shop for team prizes, digital cameras as well as other inexpensive supplies like clipboards, project items and such. Our organizer guide provides a supply checklist for you.

REVIEW: "Wow Susan, we all loved it...Watching the children follow instructions, work as a team and have LOADs of fun was awesome. THANK YOU!" Leanne O'Shea, Broome, AU


  1. The scavenger hunt
  2. The rules of the game
  3. Step by step organizer instructions and supply list (approx. 20 pages)
  4. Team grading checklist
  5. Award certificates
  6. Scavenger hunt invitation
  7. Thank you notes
  8. Final presentation (optional) scoring card
  9. Team name badges
  10. Team ID table tents

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BUY/PROVIDE: Team collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier - your choice), digital cameras and other inexpensive items (like pens, clipboards and prizes).  We'll let you know exactly what you need to get in our handy organizer guide that comes with this scavenger hunt.


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REVIEW: "You definitely helped a stressed working mom with a limited budget and limited time keep 8 preteens busy, active, thinking and laughing for over two hours. Thanks much." Karen Stenger, Iowa City, Iowa. READ MORE REVIEWS FOR OUR KIDS' HUNTS AND OTHER GAMES.


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