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GREAT VALUE!! This creative, fun pirate party game includes a step by step organizer guide, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more.

We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality game the kids will love.

REVIEW: "I've never been the Captain of a whole crew of half-pint Pirates and I was shiverin' in me timbers before the party!! Ahoy mates, the kids all had a blast...but not nearly as much fun as the mom's did, when the kids challenged them to duels!! Your attention to detail minimized my stage fright so that I was able to be a convincing Captain! The kids loved it so much, I am now going to do another party! Thanks!" Kathy Byrd, Pineville LA

OVERVIEW: This is an outdoor pirate's game for kids that is part Survivor, part Fear Factor and part Pirates of the Caribbean. There is a real treasure to be found at the end of the game by one lucky team (who will of course share their booty with all other teams). You can have up to 6 teams and each team must visit 6 "ports" or locations (the number of locations can be cut down if need be).

Pirate party treasure hunt challengeThe kids are divided into pirate crews (teams). The captains (selected by their crew) choose which famous pirate captain they want to be (all the team names are the names of famous pirates like Blackbeard, Captain Morgan, etc). Once the team has selected a captain and the captain has selected a name, the game can begin.

The object of the game is to visit all 6 ports on their itinerary and complete a pirate themed challenge (such as finding hidden coins, creating a pirate flag or scavenging for pirate items for a team photo) at each port of call. Some challenges have the team pirates competing against each other for a winner; other challenges have pirate crews (teams) competing against each other. When the port challenges are done, the host will reveal which pirate crew won the chance to go find the hidden treasure - which they will share with all the other pirate crews of course. The overall winner is NOT based on who finished the challenges first but is based on which team collected a specially marked prize during the Port Challenges (this is to assure the kids don’t rush through all the ports in an effort to finish first. The object is for them to have fun, not run).

REVIEW: "We had a great party. We had 17 kids and the result was 'That was the BEST Birthday Party EVER!'. Thank you, we will definitely look you up for out next adventure." Sam Fuller, St-Bruno, Quebec

NUMBER OF TEAMS/PLAYERS: You can have any number of teams* but try to limit the number of members in each team to 6 or less.  It works better with smaller teams as each child has a chance to contribute his or her ideas and talents for the next challenge. *This game will work for one team of children; the only change you'll make is instead of teams competing against each other for a few of the challenges you'll have the kids compete against each other. If you have more than 6 teams you'll have to start doubling up the teams at the 6 locations. It shouldn't be a problem but it may get a bit crowded. You may want to think about setting up duplicate locations (2 sword fighting areas for example) to keep things running smoothly for your large group of kids.

AGE RANGE: Age 7 - 12 or 13

PLEASE NOTE: An adult or teen will need to be at each of the 6 ports to run the game/challenge. We highly recommend you enlist good support if you have a large number of kids.

REVIEW: "My child's comment was the best - he said - Mama this is the best birthday party I ever had - that tells you that this was fun - all the other kids also said this was unexpected and so were very happily surprised, kids were giggling throughout the party. Thanks for the lovely experience!" - Lys Reddy, Sunnyvale, CA

LENGTH OF THE PIRATE TREASURE HUNT: About 2 hours from start to finish. Remember, the more teams you have the longer the game will take.

PRE-HUNT PREP TIME: You can put this pirate party treasure hunt together in about 6 hours on average (includes shopping for supplies - mostly arts and craft items although you will need one digital camera, reading the pirate hunt and prepping the materials).


  1. The game itself - Team itinerary, port instructions and pirate articles (rules) (approx 11 pages)
  2. Step by step organizer instructions to guide you through this game from start to finish (approx. 20 pages)
  3. Supply lists
  4. Port signs
  5. A Pirate themed word search puzzle for one of the port challenges
  6. Invitation
  7. Thank you notes

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BUY/PROVIDE: Team collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier - your choice), a digital camera or smart phone (with the ability to print out photos during the party) and other inexpensive items like arts & crafts supplies, pirate accessories, a treasure chest, plastic jewels and coins and prizes.  We'll let you know exactly what you need to get in our handy facilitators' guide that comes with this scavenger hunt.


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This is my second order from you. I also purchased the Medieval Party Package. I’m quite impressed with your game kits. Everything is included and all I have to do is photocopy and purchase the items. I love planning parties but I can don’t have the inclination to come up with the games myself. Plus, I love the fact I can download the package right away and not have to wait for it in the mail. Quite handy now since my city is on a mail strike. Thank you, Carmen Brathwaite, Alberta CA


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