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GREAT VALUE!! This creative, fun birthday scavenger hunt includes a step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more.

We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality game the kids will love.

REVIEW: "We had a VERY successful hunt yesterday. I was able to alter things to fit in with Winter. The format was easy to specify for our location and number. One group really loved asking for help. I never have gotten so many neck rubs (without asking). They also sang and told jokes. The album is a success. They all loved showing their folks when they were picked up. Now we can print up a collage for each on their thank you notes. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. It would have been 10 times the work to come up with clues and type things in from scratch." Cindy Bonfield, Ann Arbor, MI

OVERVIEW: This birthday party scavenger hunt is designed with a house full of kids in mind. It will work in any house but it's best to have access to a yard and a neighborhood if possible just to expand the playing area so the kids don't get in each other's way.

Your group will be divided into teams of up to 6 kids each. Each team will receive a collection bag containing a digital camera (or smart phone), rules of the game, their challenge sheet and various supplies. The teams will then embark on the scavenger hunt, taking pictures, finding hidden messages and obtaining specific items - all worth valuable points.  They end the hunt by completing various projects, some with a birthday theme. To customize the scavenger hunt, you can easily add additional items, pictures and projects to the list. Use our scavenger hunt ideas as templates for your own hunt.

EXAMPLES: Scavenger hunt challenges are broken down into 3 categories: Album challenges which include pictures (8) and finding hidden messages (2), 6 projects (we suggest you choose 3) and item collections (10).  The full scavenger hunt will have detailed instructions and other options/alternatives to consider if you don’t like or can’t use the challenges as designed.

  1. Bribe an adult for some supplies to make a big card for the birthday boy or girl.  Take a picture of your youngest and oldest team members holding it.  They also must be sticking out their tongues.
  2. Open the mailbox and follow the instructions you find there. (There will be instructions to find a message in a balloon).
  3. There are 6 creative, fun projects to choose from.  We suggest selecting 3.  Some are quick and easy; others take more time.  Example: Each team makes a birthday cake out of Play Dough/clay.

You may be asking, "Is the birthday child supposed to participate in making the birthday cake challenge?" Yup. It will be fun for the child especially if you tell him (or her) that, as the birthday child, he can be the "director" of his team projects. They must complete the birthday themed challenges according to his wishes.

REVIEW: "Thank you for your creative product! The Birthday Scavenger Hunt was a great success. The children had a wonderful time. I had wonderful comments from the other parents and I gave them your website. The age group was first graders; we did the photo and collection phases and I choose only one project: the birthday crown and sash. They all made crowns and veils then wore them to dinner! What a hoot. I loved how they thought about how to bribe us for answers and help....too too funny. I know the kids will talk about this for some time. The pictures are awesome and a treasure in themselves. Thanks for the great memories. Your product is well priced and was easy to use." Kathryn Schiewe, Fox River Grove, IL

NUMBER OF TEAMS or PARTICIPANTS: Unlimited. Recommended minimum per team: 3. Maximum: 8. Suitable for a parties with boys and girls, all girls or all boys.

? What if you only have a few kids participating in this scavenger hunt? Instead of dividing them into teams, you can keep them all on one team and have them race against the clock, giving the single team a time limit to complete each section of the hunt, report back to you and bribe you for the next section and so on until the hunt is complete.

AGE RANGE: This birthday-themed scavenger hunt party is for 7 - 12 or 13 year olds.

LENGTH OF THE HUNT: About 2 hours (you can always remove challenges if you have less time for the hunt)

PRE-HUNT PREP TIME: For up to 6 teams, you can put our scavenger hunts together in about 4-6 hours (includes shopping for supplies, reading the scavenger hunt and prepping the materials); as you add teams, you'll need to add time to the pre-hunt prep. You mostly need to print (and perhaps edit) the documents included with the kit, pack the collection bags and you'll need to shop for team prizes, digital cameras as well as other inexpensive supplies like clipboards, project items and such. Our facilitator guide provides a supply checklist for you.

REVIEW: "Hi Susan, I just would like to say that your game was a HUGE success at my son's 10th birthday party. The kids absolutely loved it. I think the adults even enjoyed it as much as the children did. The directions were easy to follow and set up was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Thanks for the great idea!" A very happy mom, Robin Marquez, Slidell, LA


REVIEW: "Our party was a huge success thanks to Operation Birthday Bash. This is the second time I have used one of your products (the other was Operation Haunted House) and I love them. Thanks for all the hard work in creating these. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." Traci Crass, Benton KY

WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BUY/PROVIDE: Team collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier - your choice), digital cameras and other inexpensive items (like arts & crafts supplies, pens, clipboards and prizes).  We'll let you know exactly what you need to get in our handy facilitators' guide that comes with this scavenger hunt.


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