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Bible Study Scavenger Hunt for Boys and Girls

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GREAT VALUE!! This creative, fun game includes 2 versions of the scavenger hunt, a supply list and step by step organizer instructions that will guide you through the hunts from start to finish, invitation, award certificates and more.

We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality game the kids will love.

REVIEW: "I wanted to let you know how great your Bible study hunt was. I can't express enough how much the kids loved it. You have done an excellent job preparing the hunt. It was very easy to follow and customize. Thank you so much!" Julie Holcomb, Jacksonville, TX

OVERVIEW: This Bible hunt was designed to be used with Sunday School classes or youth groups in grades 6th - 8th, ages 11 – 14 (although with an adult helper on their team, 5th graders could handle this hunt). 

REVIEW: The two scavenger hunt games, although seemingly geared towards young people, were a huge hit with all the age groups that attended our events. We put teams together of 60-year olds along with 8-year olds.It was a great time! We really did have a blast, and I particularly enjoyed being the “game master.” Professor Catherine S. Browers, Grand Rapids, MI

There are TWO versions of this bible study scavenger hunt for you to choose from that use the same set of clues and format.

The general idea in both hunts is for the group to be divided into teams.  Each team is given a bag of instructions, a team booklet, a King James version of the Holy Bible (although you can use another version if you so choose), and pencils.  The teams will follow clues that lead them to various locations around your church grounds.  At each location they will find an envelope with instructions on how to complete a certain page in their team booklet, a small piece of paper with a letter of the alphabet written on it, and a figure that will be used to complete a nativity scene or ark scene (according to which version you choose to do).   The hunt works best if you can enlist various church members to assist you, including your pastor, the choir master, etc.

If your time frame is more than an hour, you may decide to add team projects for your youth to complete for additional points.  There are 3 suggested project ideas for you to choose from based on your time frame and budget.  A word search is provided to occupy the team that finishes early. The teams are given points for the pages that are completed in the team book and for the projects they completed.  At the end of the game, the points are tallied up, and the team with the most points wins. That being said there should be no “losers”.  All teams should get some sort of award (scout your local discount department store or toy store for inexpensive prizes). This hunt includes editable Award Certificates.

REVIEW: "I just used the Sunday School scavenger hunt tonight with my youth group and it was A-mazing!!! So easy to set up and so easy to alter to fit my groups needs. Thanks so much for your great product!!" Kim Haas, Hemingford NE

Location clue examples:
1. Thirsty?
Organizer, you'll tape the clue to the side of the water fountain or drink machine.
2. Look in our classroom.
Organizer, you'll place the clue somewhere in the youth classroom or youth lounge.


Noah's Ark Envelope with Clue #1:
In the Letter to Hebrews the Hebrew people are reminded of Noah’s righteousness. Using the King James version of the Holy Bible, look up and have a team member read aloud Hebrews 11:7. Fill in the blanks on Page 1 of your Team Booklet.

By faith Noah, being warned of God of ______ _____________, moved with ____, prepared an ___ to the saving of his house; by the which he _________ the _____, and became heir of the _____________ which is by faith.

The Christmas Story Envelope with Clue #1:
Using the King James Version of the Holy Bible, look up Matthew 1:21 and fill in the blanks on page 2 of your team booklet.

What was the angel’s name?
Why did Zacharias doubt the angel?
What happened to Zacharias as a result?

Project example (there are 3 to choose from; you can choose one or more according to how much time you have):
1. Create a rap, a poem or a song about the story of Noah’s Ark/birth of Jesus. Teams will perform at the end of the session and points will be given according to creativity. (This is worth up to 1000 points---depending on your effort!) Facilitator, provide paper and pencils for the teams

REVIEW: " I love the games! We are using them for our Christian Camp. Our theme this year is "CSI - Christ Story Investigation". Your games are perfect! We are using the "Operation Away in a Manger" and "Operation Two by Two" then we will have a special day for Lab/Murder Scene Investigation - using your "Operation Crime Scene Investigation" game we are adapting it to fit an investigation of how Jesus died and what happened to His body. (For example, the murder weapon will be large nails, etc.) We had a training session for the counselors and had them pretend to be the kids and play "Operation Away in a Manger". The counselors loved the game and probably had more fun than the kids will! LOL... I just wanted you to know how we are using your games and how helpful they are for our camp theme this year. Thank you and God Bless." Vicki Milford, Talladega AL

NUMBER OF TEAMS or PARTICIPANTS: Unlimited. Recommended minimum per team: 3. Maximum: 8.

? What if you only have a few kids participating in this game? Instead of dividing them into teams, you can keep them all on one team and have them race against the clock, giving the single team a time limit to complete each section of the hunt, report back to you and bribe you for the next section and so on until the hunt is complete.

LENGTH OF THE HUNT: About 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

PRE-HUNT PREP TIME: For up to 6 teams, you can put our game together in about 3 to 6 hours (includes shopping for supplies, reading the scavenger hunt and prepping the materials); as you add teams, you'll need to add time to the pre-hunt prep. You mostly need to print (and perhaps edit) the documents included with the kit, pack the collection bags and you'll need to shop for team prizes as well as other inexpensive supplies like clipboards, project supplies and such. Our organizer guide provides a supply checklist for you.


WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO BUY/PROVIDE: Team collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier - your choice) and other inexpensive items (like arts & crafts supplies, pens, clipboards and prizes).  We'll let you know exactly what you need to get in our handy organizer guide that comes with this scavenger hunt.


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