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YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The party was a huge success. As one child said, "This is the best party ever." We had twelve boys altogether, 6 on each team. It was really a fun time. It kept those crazy, boys busy for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! A mothers dream! 🙂 🙂 My skeptical husband, who I did let go with one of the teams, LOVED it! He said the boys really had a great time. His words, "Honey, you did a great job, you really did." THANKS A BUNCH!!! YOU ROCK! All the moms thought I was crazy for even having 12 proved you can have a large party and not go insane!! LOL Until next party.....
Mollie Brown
Madison, GA
I purchased The Special Ones interactive mystery play for a Cub Scout function, and it turned out great. The instructions are thorough, the ability to tweak things to fit your groups needs is awesome, and the whole experience was just so, so fun. And it was totally affordable. We had a great time putting this on.
Clarissa Grover
Onalaska WI
The birthday scavenger hunt was a huge success - thanks to you. I didn't have time to plan a scavenger hunt. The instructions, rules and supplies were all spelled out for me. I was able to change it a little bit so it was all done indoors. Thank you very much for putting it into Word. The girls had a great time!! I told my fellow co-working moms about the website. Thanks again from a working mom.
Krista McGraw
Aurora, IN
The kids has a ball with Operation Catch Me If You Can. I had 11 7-8 year old girls and things moved smoothly. We never had a dull moment; the girls never had time to "click" like they tend to do sometimes. No one ever felt left out and in the end when they watched their skits they wanted to do more.
Shelly Husek
Sterling Heights, MI
We LOVED The Special Ones mystery game! Our culminating event for our small Gifted and Talented elementary groups was incredible. We have been studying and writing mysteries for weeks- this script with the narrator was perfect. The group had the best time together thanks to Simone, the adult character in the mystery! (We used minimal props - perfect for last minute leaders like myself.) Thank you,
Natalie Carpenter
Independence, KY
This was the BEST party ever for my 9 year old! The kids loved the Kovert Kids hunt and all the running around exhausted the 8 boys! I took pictures of them before the hunt next to a sign we had made and used the picture in an iron on graphic that said "The Hunt" in a cool font and ironed them on to t-shirts as the party favor (great idea!). My husband wore the t-shirt downstairs to greet the boys on Saturday morning and they went nuts for them! Definitely a great party!
Kim Callaway
Marietta, GA
Hi there and thanks for checking in on me since I made my purchases from you. My son's birthday was a huge success, we did the Pirate Treasure Hunt Game and they had a blast. I had them come dressed in some sort of Pirate garb as well. My son said the kids were still talking about it four days later!
Lindsay Heisler
Cadogan Alberta Canada
Thank you for saving the night! When I came up with the idea to have a scavenger hunt, I knew it would take hours to plan a successful hunt. I went on-line and within minutes, I had your Operation Kovert Kids Hunt in my hand. It was a beautiful thing! The hunt was a total success. I don't know who had more fun, the girls or myself. We had 12 teenagers for a slumber party. I noticed the age on the hunt said up to 12 years old. The girls I had were 12 and 13. I think they were at the perfect age, not too young to understand and follow the directions, and not too old to think it was boring. You know how teenagers can be. When the girls left the next day, several of them told my daughter and myself that it was the best party they had ever been to. My daughter was very excited about the whole night.
Patricia Gringeri
West Palm Beach, FL
The kids loved your Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Operation Reindeer Games! Thanks so much! I will definitely us you guys again!
Kim O'Day
Cumming, GA
Susan, thank you so much for all your help. I was feeling overwhelmed because I had never taken part in a scavenger hunt much less put one together. Once I received my order I knew I had nothing to fear. Everything was done for me! Right down to the name tags and award certificates. Just when I thought I had hit a snag, you included alternate challenges that worked better for us. Customizing the hunt to suit our situation, time constraints, and limited space was a snap. The hardest thing I had to do was make sure the location hints weren't too hard or too easy. I decided to include the Boy Scouts with the Cub Scouts so the ages of the boys ranged from 8-17 and there were also two parents that took part. It was great because the teenage boys, who would normally have been too cool to "play," had a great time being silly. They had as much fun if not more than the younger boys. I really made them ham it up when they were bribing me and the facilitators got some really funny pictures. I even got a parent to do a booty dance for me! The pictures were awesome! What a great idea to have them take their own remembrance pictures as part of the hunt! Everyone, including me and the other facilitators, had a blast! I will most definitely be revisiting your site in the near future as I've already had a couple of requests to do an outdoor scavenger hunt. I'd also like to try out a Murder Mystery some time as well. Again, thanks for all your help!
Candice Robertson
Calhoun GA
Our birthday party hunt was a hit, even for finicky 13 year olds. My daughter thought it would be kind of dumb, but thanked me over and over since they had so much fun. The girls absolutely loved the picture taking, I think that was their favorite part. We gave riddle hints for everything as to where to find it and they loved that too. We did the baby picture collection and then had each team guess who was who. They really thought that was great. We did have a team facilitator for each team and we had a blast with the bribes. I think it really helped having an adult with each team all the time to keep them on track. We got bribed for everything and we were creative with what we wanted from them. Lots of goofiness. The girls were very creative. Of course, some more than others. Anyway, it was really terrific. Thank you.
Angela Hammond
Winnemucca NV
Whoooooo hooooo! That's organizer-speak for having a 15-year old voluntarily tell you, "Thanks for doing the hunt, we had a lot of fun and we hope you do it again next year"! It would not have been possible without your kit. Every 4th of July we have a nonprofit "Croaker Festival". I organize the kid's portion of it. The hunt was a fun, challenging and educational event for these kids. I had 2 teams of 6 kids each. I also had 2 facilitators and 2 judges and they were much impressed. The facilitators had as much fun as the kids. This is an awfully long message, but I'm still glowing from the success of this. My husband's eyes glaze over when I talk to him about it but I figure you'll be a more appreciative audience.
Michelle Noevere
Oriental, NC
We conducted the Kovert Kids scavenger hunt for our 10 year old son and five of his friends this past Sunday. The hunt was a real success. The boys had a great time. The scavenger hunt activities were plenty to keep the boys busy. You provided all the necessary steps to create an intricate and creative scavenger hunt within a very short time frame. Thanks so much!!! My only request is that you develop another scavenger hunt for 11-12 year olds by next Easter!! Thanks again, the product was well worth the price.
Nancy Issac
Chicago, IL
I was so impressed with your pirate treasure hunt! I had promised my son he could have a party as just a "fun, you've worked real hard this school year" type of party and he picked a pirate theme. There is going to be an age range from 7-12. I had ordered 2 different online programs and was very disappointed with them because they wouldn't work for that age range. One I wasn't even sure teens could have used even though they were both labeled for kids. I gave your's a shot as a last resort after searching many hours one night and finding your website. Since we wanted to do this party before the school year ended, I was starting to panic. You can't imagine how relieved I was when I downloaded your package. How easy it is going to be to set up, the list of things to get, all the little extras like the names for the games, the pirate captain's names, etc. I already have most of the stuff bought and have gone over the games with my 10 yr old to see if he thought they would work. He is sooooo excited. He liked them all and can't wait for this party. I have bookmarked your site and will be buying more games in the near future! Thanks for taking the time and effort to put something like this together for us parents that time is limited. I have the creative part covered but I just don't have the time right now to devote to thinking up the ideas so this was a huge help.
Teri Mitchell
Swartz Creek MI
My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday this past weekend. Since we always have the party at our house in addition to a slumber party AND she requested a CSI themed party, I was delighted to find your website. Thank goodness I had already purchased much of the basic supplies that were needed when I happened upon your website. We were going to "wing it" but your CSI package sounded perfect and I ordered it the morning of the party (Saturday)!!!! The party was at 4:00pm!!!! A miracle truly but you have everything organized and the checklists helped tremendously. Everything was super! The CSI game was very slick and the girls are already asking about doing it again! Thanks for the great resource that allows us to have super-awesome "homemade" birthday parties! I am super impressed with your games and your customer service and I will happily pass it along to others as a reference!
Trudy Lynch
Savage, MN
I'm still recovering! The party went wonderfully, only I didn't give myself enough prep time, no fault of yours, I just decided on the hunt too late...But I have TONS of feedback -- and many thanks for your inclusion of the other feedback on your web site -- that, in addition to your wonderful product, made the party one to remember... and, since I may never have the energy to do that again, they'd better remember it well! Your scavenger hunt helped my 11-year-old do four things: 1- Strengthen acquaintance-type friendships into true, closer ones 2- Build his general reputation as "one cool guy" 3- Show his old friends he still cares, and 4- Start a new "romance" with the female friend of his who helped me put the clues together and organize the hunt to fit our swim club location! The other moms are torn between being "jealous" and trying to convince themselves that I'm really certifiably crazy ...I'll let you know if my son and his new "flame" end up getting married years from now... it would be a great marketing story!
Pamela Whitman-Weiner
Philadelphia, PA
I have to tell you that the kids had a blast with your CSI game! My daughter and her friend went all out on the notebooks, morgue pics, etc. There were about 8 kids, ages 10 -12 and at first they looked like they would be bored until they started going to each lab in the different areas of the house. All the mothers agreed they wished their kids would work this hard on their school work. I plan on going to your website and I hope you have a place where I can write a review. Thanks so much!.
Traci Beck
Magnolia, TX
What a hit! I ordered the Hunt one week before my son's birthday and was able to read, customize, purchase items and set up before the party. No stress, and the hunt went off without a hitch. Everyone had a blast. We had a mix of ages 10-13 yrs old even mix of boys and girls even my 4 yr old had fun. Since my son is getting older it was getting harder to find activities that will entertain them. With Kovert Kids, I did not have to keep things going or convince them to participate. They all jumped in feet first and had a blast the whole time and as parents arrived their kids was telling them in breathless voices how much fun they had and how they had to do this or when this kid did that. "IT WAS SO COOL" was said over and over. Every kid thanked me for the awesome time so from them and me THANK YOU. I can't wait until my son gets in from school to hear the school buzz. Ha ha.
Stacey Acton
Medford OR
Your product was my salvation. I spent only one day editing prepping and printing. I couldn't have done this party without Kovert Kids!! Thanks for the phone and email support.
Judy McElynn
Hilton Head, SC
I used your kids scavenger hunt for a 10 year old boy's birthday party. It was a big hit and the boys had so much fun. My husband and neighbors had fun making them bribe us for help or clues. The kids really enjoy the "home" parties compared to the expensive "out" parties. We were told by parents that their kids talked about it all weekend!
Michele Grimm
Branchburg NJ
My Family Reunion Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt was a SUCCESS! I did as you suggested and used some of your ideas and then invented some of my own. One of the "Challenges" was to figure out which relative I was talking about (with the clues I gave them) and then locating that relative to collect a "Playing Card" from them. So thank you for your hints and ideas - it made me the hit of the weekend! If it wasn't for your web site I might not have done the hunt at all - thinking I didn't know enough of what I was doing - but with your help and guidance I did pull it off! And now I'm sure the pressure is on for next year to top this year. I did hear on of my Aunt saying she couldn't wait to see what we came up with next year. I better get thinking NOW!
Michelle L. Tavelli
Newark Valley, NY
The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was a big success! It was for 14 & 15 year old girls. There was even one 16 year old present. And I heard them all commenting to my daughter that it had been a really fun night!...they thought they were too old for that sort of thing. But they found that it was really a lot of fun! I think the collections and the pictures were the "most" fun. They got VERY CREATIVE. It was a hoot! I was panicking about having to start from scratch and have it be 'cool enough' for that age group. So having something to start with and modify was a great relief to me. And in spite of it being unusually cold that evening (30s), the kids didn't care and seemed not to notice...due to the excitement...and running around trying to beat the clock! I also called neighbors and told them what was up and asked if it be okay to put them down as an OK house to visit. Then I gave the girls a list of names and addresses of 'pre-approved' neighbors. And I told them they could only go to these houses and they were not allowed inside anybody's house. This was all for 'safety '...since I was responsible for other people's children. I think this worked very well. I think for this age group, doing odd & silly things appealed to that age group. And one more note: with this age group, they took it "seriously" about the comment that they got points for be REALLY CREATIVE!!! It was great!!! Thanks a bunch for your ideas and hard work!! :- All in all, it was a major success!
Nina Brooks
Madison, AL
The kids had a great time with your CSI game. My husband works with the Army CID so the investigators came to the house to help analyze the crime scene with the kids. The kids actually dusted the car for finger prints, took a shoe print impression from the mud, casted the weapon and took DNA swabs. After they collected all the evidence, they then processed their evidence in the labs you provided. It was great! I believe it will be one of my daughter's favorite experiences! She wants to be a criminal investigator and this was right up her alley! Thanks again for the party plan and I look forward to more parties using your games in the future!
Michelle Stuhn
Kaiserslautern, Germany
I downloaded the Halloween Hunt and Birthday Bash with no problems! I have five children with birthdays during the fall and winter, and I needed something that I didn't have to plan or think about, since I just had a baby. I love how everything is all spelled out for me. I also love that I can edit the games to suit the age group of my children. I'm always "killing myself" to plan and prepare for their parties, but this time I don't feel so pressured or overwhelmed. Thank you for offering these great parties, especially for busy moms like me!
Stacey Coates
Coatesville PA
Thanks for the follow up! We used Operation Kovert Kids for my daughters 11th birthday party and the girls had a blast. I loved how you could add/subtract activities as needed. Our party started at 4:30 and except for dinner/cake and present breaks the girls played until 10:30. When they got up in the morning the first thing I heard was "Can we do more of the scavenger hunt stuff?" Great product! I hope to use some of your stuff with my girl scout troop! Thanks again,
Aimee' South
Englewood FL
Everything went GREAT! While I would typically create a scavenger hunt on my own, time simply got away from me. Your step-by-step, thorough instructions allowed me to pull off a successful event for a gaggle of 11-year old girls in short order. Everything was clear, and efficient. I appreciated the additional options and alternative offerings that afforded flexibility to accommodate many situations. Thank you for all of your effort to produce a fabulous product efficiently!
Melanie Schroepfer
Charlotte, NC
The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was a HUGE success!--Thanks! I am now officially the "favorite aunt".
Robin Feinberg
Los Angeles, CA
The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt party for our nine year old son was great. We have already been told by a number of the parents that their sons have told them our birthday party was the best birthday party they had ever gone to. Thanks for everything, throwing a birthday party for 10 nine year old boys was very difficult but your help made everything easier.
Doug Mason
Sycamore, IL
We had a VERY successful hunt yesterday. I was able to alter things to fit in with Winter. The format was easy to specify for our location and number. One group really loved asking for help. I never have gotten so many neck rubs (without asking). They also sang and told jokes. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. It would have been 10 times the work to come up with clues and type things in from scratch.
Cindy Bonfield
Ann Arbor, MI
Operation Kovert Kids was a great way to get them workings as a team. They loved it. I had a mixed age group of kids and it was wonderful to see the older kids (12-15) helping out the younger kids (5-7). I would recommend you to anyone looking for a fun activity that can keep kids entertained for a good couple of hours. The best part of the whole thing was the pictures that came out of it. They are priceless. 🙂 Thank you so much and your customer service is wonderful. Not to many people would send a follow up email to see how things were going or if I needed any help. Thanks you!
Jessica Borkowski
Cudahy WI
Thank you so much for making "The Special Ones" mystery game available out there! I used it with a class of 3rd graders at their end of the year party. Parents played the "Seniors" while the kids and teachers were all "First Years." Parents were able to pull it off with just one quick run-through/rehearsal. The game comes well prepared, so I didn't have too much prep-time to put into it. I tweaked it here or there to fit our environment and time constraints. The kids had so much fun! They loved being "special ones." They loved dancing around "like no one was watching". They loved the hunt for clues. They loved keeping record of their clues and decoding the message near the end. One child figured out "whodunnit" before the last scene, so we said, "let's see," played out the last scene, and ended with cheers of excitement and handing out of the certificates. The parents had as much fun as the kids. They really got into their characters and costumes, and the kids loved seeing their parents act! It was easy to download your files. Your follow-up to make sure I had everything I needed was fantastic. I have two more kids, and I'll order again!
Jamie Nagaich
Seattle, WA
Well, Susan, we are just basking in the after-glow of the big Kovert Kid Scavenger hunt that finished about an hour ago. Thank you for providing us with a wonderful hunt. I found it very easy to adapt when necessary. The download was great and user friendly. This scavenger hunt was for my son's 10th birthday which is the day after Halloween, so we were able to tie in Halloween very easily. The kids had a great time!! So did the facilitators. All in all you had everything planned to a tee. It was so easy to adapt to our own party. THANK YOU!!!!!! Wonderful job.
Janet Pogasic
Macomb, MI


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