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Reviews For Our Kids Scavenger Hunts and CSI Game

NEW reviews for our interactive kids’ games – our forensics mystery game and two of our scavenger hunts.

Get inspired by these reviews and then get YOUR party started.  All our kids’ games are available for immediate download.  No waiting, no shipping and handling fees.

Crime Scene Investigation game for kids“Such a fantastic game idea. My daughter is a massive Castle fan so she loved your Operation Crime Scene Investigation. Thanks again for your help before the event. I actually managed to pull it off in very limited space: fingerprints lab was mounted on the wall on staircase with a magnifying glass attached.Firearms were in kitchen. Footprints in hallway also wall mounted in a folder so passing kids couldn’t see in. All others in our very small living room, including the judge who had great fun getting bribed for the late evening Friday disruption. Girls had to make him laugh or try bribing with food (chocolate coins were very valuable that night!) to get anything signed. The kids are indeed raving about it. The murderer said she hasn’t forgiven her mum and me yet for being so sneaky beforehand getting her set up and to check again in a year or two. LOL. I had many a person ask where I got the idea from and pointed them your way. Raised the bar of parties for sure!” Ramona Parkes (Ireland)

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids“Thanks for putting the Operation Birthday Bash scavenger hunt together. Mine was a rush job, so I’m glad I had a good foundation with all your stuff. I just needed a spring board. His birthday falls in school testing week, so its always hard to have an actual party plus he is a very non reactive person by nature. BUT…..he had a great time and even told me so without me having to ask. I was so surprised, that was exactly what I was aiming for. I did change things up a bit, I always do. He loves riddles so this was perfect. I added some challenges to the end because they finished before the timer went off. My neighbors got involved. They let me use their bathtub. Even decorated it for Easter. I couldn’t have asked for better results. I can’t wait to do a bigger version for my other kids. I had just one team of 8 but the ages varied a lot. My son got most of the riddles so it was a prize in itself because he was so proud. I think everyone will remember this for a long time!” – Joseph Muth


Scavenger hunt game for kids 7-13“Hi, Susan. Thanks for following up! The Operation Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was great! It was for my son’s 9th birthday party. We did “Donuts and Detectives” for a simple Tuesday morning party with his neighborhood friends. Because it’s summer; because we can. 🙂 The scavenger hunt definitely took a little time to set up, but I appreciated your notes and encouragement. I knew what I was getting into because you made it clear from the beginning so I was prepared. I really appreciated that your documents were easily edited. It made it so easy to customize the hunt – add extra hints, delete items that would not work for us, or even organize the sections to print just the way I wanted. We had 2 teams of four boys and I split up the hunt into 3 (pictures, puzzle, collection) 20 minute parts, with the teams completing different parts at different times. The boys had a lot of fun and I’m glad I ordered from you! Thanks again!” – Julie Border

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