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Team Games For Kids – Wicked Fun!

Check out these fun team games for kids age 7 to 13

Moms and dads are always searching for fun and interactive entertainment ideas for their child’s party right? Of course right.

We got ’em.  No, really we do. I swear.

Our team games for kids are designed to help make it easy for parents who need yet another memorable, “envy of all their friends” party idea for their child.

Get ’em outside to play!

Here’s a sampling of our awesome team games:

Team scavenger hunt game for kids 7-13Our Operation Kovert Kids is a classic scavenger hunt game. It’s a great addition to any party (birthday, Halloween, etc.) It has super cool activities (missions) for the kids to accomplish: taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing various projects – all worth valuable points. To customize the scavenger hunt, you can easily add additional items, pictures and projects to the list. Use our games as templates to build your own.  Cool, right? [Read all the details and see examples here]

Fun Kids' Team Game: Catch Me If You CanThe premise of Operation Catch Me If You Can is simple but super fun: the kids are attending a party of any sort.  After they finish their first party project, things will take a surprising turn and they’ll be called upon to solve a mystery by putting together and/or finding clues that will lead them to a thief and stolen item.  There’s also an optional photo challenge so the kids can capture the fun they’re having during the course of the game.  [Read all the details and see examples here]

Crime Scene Investigation team game for kidsOperation Crime Scene Investigation is a group game where the children become CSI detectives and solve a crime. You’ll set up a crime scene and labs (don’t worry, we’ll give you many options and detailed instructions). The object of the game is for the kids t
o visit the crime scene and all crime labs to compare their collected evidence against the crime databases to solve the case. [Read all the details and see examples here]

We like to design team games that focus on the kids’ collective creativity and imagination. Add to that, they’re great at multi-tasking so all our games give them lots of different things to do from taking pictures, to finding items, to solving riddles and mysteries, to creating things. We also want to make it easy for parents to put together a terrific party for their kids without spending a lot of time preparing – or a lot of money.  We know parents are short on time but are still committed to making their child’s party the best it can be.  We think of ourselves as their planning partner for a highly successful and memorable event for their child and his friends.  (Full disclosure, the CSI forensics game does take a bit of time to set up.)

We have more kids’ team games (including detective mystery games, a pirate game and even a medieval game) to choose from so check ’em out, will ya? We give you way more than just ideas. Our games include our step by step organizer guide, thank you notes, award certificates, invitations, rules of the game, great email support and more. We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality game your kids will love. All are soooo reasonably priced at $15.99.

And we have a variety of outdoor scavenger hunt games for ages 14 and up – all available for immediate download from our web site. These hunts are GREAT team games for your teenagers.

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