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Three Fun Kids Party Games

Three fun kids party games: a scavenger hunt, a mystery hunt and a crime investigation game.

Read these success stories then try one for yourself.

You do want to make your kids happy right?

(What? Going too far?)



The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt game is perfect for what I had in mind for my after school club. It is very easy to edit and make your own, but the foundation of the game is very solid. I appreciate the thought that has gone on behind the scenes! Can’t wait to see the groups complete the crazy tasks and enjoy their team members. Thanks, Emilie Meyer






Hi Susan,

We did this Catch Me If You Can mystery hunt game with our 5th grade Girl Scout troop – we had SO much fun with it! The girls faces when they walked in the house and saw our co-leader in costume and their faces when I “busted” in as CIA Special Agent G were priceless! My 8-year old daughter was there for the game too and wants to do this for her birthday party! The directions were complete and well-explained; I liked the different options presented as well! Thanks for the experience! Tina Gurdikian




Just a quick thank you! I’m absolutely shattered!!!! However, the girls had the time of their lives with your CSI game!!! I had many a person ask where I got the idea from and pointed them your way. Raised the bar of parties for sure! Thanks again for your help before the event. I actually managed to pull it off in very limited space: fingerprints lab was mounted on the wall on staircase with a magnifying glass attached. Firearms were in kitchen. Footprints in hallway also wall mounted in a folder so passing kids couldn’t see in. All others in our very small living room, including the judge who had great fun getting bribed. Girls had to make him laugh or try bribing with food (chocolate coins were very valuable that night!) to get anything signed. The kids are indeed raving about it. The murderer said she hasn’t forgiven her mum and me yet for being so sneaky beforehand getting her set up. Thank you!
Ramona Parkes

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