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FREE! Fun Kids’ Indoor Game to Play in Person

Mission Cloak & Dagger

FREE! This is a fun indoor game for kids for a house party or to stave off boredom 🙂

Free indoor kids' game - Mission Cloak and Dagger

Hey there parents, teachers and youth counselors! Are your kids ready for an epic adventure and creative project that will blow them away? 

First, you will unleash their creativity and imagination with our immersive arts and crafts activity. 


The young agents will don their spy hats and sleuth their way through an epic hunt to obtain crucial supplies for their undercover mission. A perfect opportunity to test their critical thinking and problem-solving skills – all while they have a great time of course. Don’t miss out on giving your kids a chance to exercise their imagination and flex their cerebral muscles. Let’s make some unforgettable memories for them, shall we?

This FREE fun indoor game for kids includes:

For the kids:

  • Photo a Day Challenge
  • Mission Cloak and Dagger Arts & Crafts Project
  • Mission Cloak and Dagger Coded Puzzle
  • Mission Cloak and Dagger, Challenge 1
  • Mission Cloak and Dagger, Challenge 2
  • Mission Cloak and Dagger secret code and secret code breaker

For you: Instructions, options on how to play the game, and your supply list. 

This game is best suited for kids aged 7 - 13.

Did we mention it's FREE?

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