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A Cool Kids Scavenger Hunt (School Aged Kids)

Kids Scavenger Hunt GameGame of the Day: Operation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt

A Classic Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids Aged 7 – 12

REVIEW: “YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The party was a huge success. As one child said, ‘This is the best party ever.’ We had twelve boys altogether, 6 on each team. It was really a fun time. It kept those crazy, boys busy for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! A mothers dream! 🙂 🙂 My skeptical husband, who I did let go with one of the teams, LOVED it! He said the boys really had a great time. His words, “Honey, you did a great job, you really did.” THANKS A BUNCH!!! YOU ROCK! All the moms thought I was crazy for even having 12 boys……you proved you can have a large party and not go insane!! LOL Until next party…..” Mollie Brown

And yes it’s awesome for girls too 🙂

This scavenger hunt is great addition to any kids’ party (birthday, Halloween, etc.) It has enough interesting activities and options to fit anyone’s budget and time frame. It will work in any house but it’s best to have access to a yard and a neighborhood if possible just to expand the playing area so the kids don’t get in each other’s way.

The kids will be divided into teams. Each team will receive a collection bag containing a digital camera or smart phone, their challenge sheet – the hunt itself – and various supplies. The kids will then embark on the scavenger hunt, taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing various projects – all worth valuable points. To customize the scavenger hunt, you can easily add additional items, pictures and projects to the list. Use our games as templates to build your own.  

IN CASE YOU’RE WONDERING, this scavenger hunt game will work for just one team of kids too.  They compete against the clock instead of other teams.

REVIEW: “You definitely helped a stressed working mom with a limited budget and limited time keep 8 preteens busy, active, thinking and laughing for over two hours. Thanks much.” Karen Stenger, Iowa City, Iowa. READ MORE REVIEWS FOR OUR KIDS’ SCAVENGER HUNTS AND OTHER GAMES.

Read more, see examples and purchase the scavenger hunt game here:  Operation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt For School Aged Kids

Order and download now to get their party started!

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