Graphic romantic scavenger hunt for couples

Operation Romantic Rendezvous
Our romantic scavenger hunt designed just for couples

Perfect for any romantic occasion like an anniversary, engagement, Valentine's Day or birthday.

If you're creatively challenged but want to do something fun, playful, intriguing and romantic for your honey, this is the hunt for you!

IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. No waiting, no shipping + handling fees. Easy to customize; fully editable

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REVIEW: "I am a huge fan of "The Scavenger Hunt". It's a fun and romantic way to liven up your relationship. Some people have told me that they would love to orchestrate a scavenger hunt for their partner, but just don't have the time or creativity to pull it off. Well, I have just stumbled upon a terrific service/product online called the "Romantic Rendezvous Scavenger Hunt for Couples", created by Susan Haley, who's been in the business of creating hunts for over 20 years. The product Susan offers is terrific, because you pay twenty bucks and can download it immediately. There's no shipping, and you can customize it simply to fit your needs. It comes with a questionnaire to help design the hunt to meet the needs of your partner, as well as "Cupid Coupons" and even support from the designer of the hunt. I wish I had Susan's Scavenger Hunt kit years ago. It would have made things a bit easier in my early years." - Leon Scott Baxter Lewandowski (America's Romance Guru). Author of "A Labor With Love" and "Out of the Doghouse"

HOW IT WORKS:There are 2 versions of this hunt, one for couples living together and another for couples living separately. You can easily mix and match the clues from each version. All the clues are sequential, with one location leading to another. The hunt will start when your sweetheart finds/receives flowers with the first clue. There are six to seven clues but again you can mix and match clues from each hunt if you'd like. Some of the locations will have little gifts waiting for them along with the next clue. Ultimately you will lead your sweetheart to dinner and/or an hotel.

Here's an example of one of the clues. Note that "in my closet" is highlighted in yellow. You can edit the clues to best suit your needs and location so if you'd rather hide a clue elsewhere, just make the changes and print the clue. Everything if formatted in Microsoft Word for easy editing.

romantic scavenger hunt for couples 

REVIEW: "The scavenger hunt was the most exciting thing my husband and I have done since we got married. We have done a lot of fun things as a couple, but this was full of suspense and it was so much fun to prepare. He was shocked and had tears in his eyes. The night went so well. My husband has just been deployed to Iraq for the third time and we really needed that time before he left. This is an awesome idea. I plan to use this website for group activities at church and couples night as well. Thank you so much for such a brilliant idea." Michelle Tucker, Harker Heights TX

LENGTH OF HUNT: The amount of time this hunt takes will depend on the distance between the locations you select and the traffic.  This hunt can be as extravagant as you want it to be and it should be edited to best fit your needs.  Take what you like, delete the rest, and/or add your own ideas.  For example, if you have a tape recorder, you may want to tape record your clue for one of the locations instead of writing it.

PRE-HUNT PREP TIME: You will need to shop for gifts, book a hotel room (optional), make a reservation or arrange for takeout at a restaurant, and enlist the aid of a few people to give your sweetheart a clue or to be your backup in case something unexpected happens. You'll also need to edit the hunt to fit your locations/needs. All in all you can probably set this up in about 4-6 hours (including shopping).


REVIEW: "Thank you for following up! I used the Romantic Scavenger Hunt for my husband’s 27th birthday and I really appreciated the tips. The gift guidance questionnaire, in particular, was so helpful - it really got me thinking about his favorite things and places, which made setting it up so much easier. He loved this birthday gift!" - Carol Thompson, Ann Arbor, MI


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REVIEW: "Thanks Susan.  I loved the scavenger hunt and it was great being able to customize it to my needs.  Great creativity there!  Thanks for the wonderful experience that you provided - and the customer service was nice too. I especially appreciated that I could download the game at the last minute and it was easy to adapt for the project I did that night.  I will be certain to recommend your site to others and use it again when I am looking for other creative date-night projects. Thanks again!" - Kari Staros, York Haven, PA

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