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Downloadable Scavenger Hunt Games for Adults, Teens & Work Events

Corporate team building versions are available on most hunts - perfect for your workplace/office event.

Scavenger huntsGraphic: Our scavenger hunts are a great value We offer way more than just "ideas". Our scavenger hunts include not only a fabulous and fun hunt but our step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, rules of the game, email support from the game designer and more.

We save you hours of your valuable time and provide a high quality game everyone will love. It's a win-win for everyone!



Click on the name of any scavenger hunt game below to find out more about it, what's included, examples, how it works and more.

Most scavenger hunts are only $19.99
Our corporate team building hunts are only $34.99

Compare our scavenger hunts for fun and for team building

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Buy one of our scavenger hunt games to make your office event or special occasion truly unique and truly unforgettable. Get out and play!

  • Workplace and office events
  • Business meetings and conferences
  • Club parties and events
  • House parties
  • Special events
  • Birthday parties
  • Halloween parties
  • Christmas parties  
  • Networking events
  • Family reunions and parties
  • Ice breakers and social events
  • Youth group events (ages 14 and up)

Arrow graphic: What our scavenger hunts include with purchaseClick here to view our scavenger hunt games for kids aged 7 to 13These games are only $15.99!


"Your scavenger hunt game was my salvation." - Judy McElynn, Hilton Head, SC 

"This is one of the most thoroughly thought out team building activities that I have ever seen. Thank you." - Cyndi Avery, Newton, IA

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