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Operation Crime Scene Investigation CSI game for kids

Our Crime Scene Investigation Game For 10 - 16 Year Olds

This creative, fun crime investigation game includes a step by step organizer guide, all lab documents and evidence files, CSI ID card, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more.

It’s great for team building.


This is a group game where the children become CSI detectives and solve a crime.

You’ll set up different forensic labs to enable the kids to use their collected evidence to assemble a profile of the suspect. This template allows you to modify the suspect’s identity to be anyone who will be attending the party without their knowledge. The actual criminal is investigating his or herself without knowing it!

You’ll set up a crime scene somewhere where the party is being held (you and your volunteer victim are gonna have fun setting this up!). You’ll chose death by gun shot, stabbing, bludgeoning or strangulation based on the age of the kids attending the party – gunshots have quite a bit of blood but strangulation has very little. All the party attendees will be able to view, photograph and document the evidence left at the scene. Next, they’ll visit 6 forensic labs.

The object of the game is to visit all the labs and compare their collected evidence against the crime databases to see what they can find out about the victim and identify the suspect. Each team is competing against each other so secrecy is a must. If they share their answers with another team, that team may beat them to the final solution.


You can have as few as one or two teams to about six or so teams with 2-4 kids on a team. 

This game is not designed for a huge group of kids unless you have a lot of people helping you from start to finish.

Imagine 50 kids having to go through and examine a crime scene AND then go to 6 different labs to examine evidence. You will have to set up quite a few crime scenes and labs for this to work or it will become the longest game in history as the kids all wait their turn to go through the crime scene and labs.  Each crime scene/lab set up would need at least one adult to monitor the kids plus one person to play a judge and another to play a email service provider (although the judge and email service provider could be the same person in different “costumes”).  Also you’ll need to purchase supplies for each crime scene/lab area and allow plenty of time to set up each of them. As we stated above each team should consist of only 3 or so kids.  You could add more kids to each team, but the logistics for a large group are a bit of a nightmare as you can see.


IMPORTANT! This game takes quite a bit of prep time. On average it should take about 8 to 10 hours of total prep time, including shopping and setting up the labs and crime scene. Most supplies you will have around your home or can be purchased at your local office supply store. Sources (shops, web sites) for things you may not have around your home are included in the kit.


You will need someone to play a judge and another to play the owner of an email service business (small roles, quick scenes in order for the teams to acquire clues). You’ll also need a victim for your crime scene.

If you have a large group of kids, it will help to have additional support on hand to guide them through all the labs.  

And finally, you will need someone to plant the evidence during the party (without getting caught). You, of course, can do this yourself but having others help you is preferred if only for your sanity.



This crime investigation game is for kids aged 10 – 16.


Plan on 2 hours but keep in mind the more teams you have the longer it will take.


The labs the teams will visit are as follows: Fingerprint Lab, Trace Evidence Lab (for physical clues found at the scene), DNA Lab, Morgue, Impressions Lab (footprints) and Firearms/Tool Marks Lab.

Let’s use the Fingerprint Lab as an example:

This lab will allow the investigators to compare the prints from the crime scene to prints that are on file.  You will need 3 to 6 people to at some point prior to the party put their fingerprints on the print cards included with the kit. 

You will also need 1 or 2 of those volunteers (your victim included) to put some prints on an evidence file of the fingerprints found at the crime scene.

You may want to do the print creations a few days before the party as it’s a bit time consuming.  Also you want to be sure all the ink will be gone from anyone’s fingertips at the party so the kids don’t immediately suspect the wrong person. 

Supplies needed for this lab:

  1. A black stamp pad (or black watercolor paint can be used instead)
  2. Volunteers to be fingerprinted
  3. Print card sheets (included with game; you add the fingerprints)
  4. Crime scene fingerprint evidence card (included with game; you add the fingerprints)
  5. Envelopes – 1 per team for the Fingerprint Clue sheets.  Mark “Fingerprint Lab” on envelope.
  6. Several small pieces of white poster board or foam board on which to mount the fingerprint cards
  7. Rubber cement or glue to tape the print cards to the poster or foam board
  8. Roll of wide, clear packing tape to make the crime scene fingerprints
  9. Marker



This game is prop intensive so be forewarned!  

We provide all of the lab and evidence files (DNA samples, blood spatter samples, and more) but it does require quite a few props to set up the various labs and the crime scene (most are inexpensive but still, you should know this before you buy).

You’ll be able to use household items to stage your crime scenes: shoes, old clothes, furniture, a car, a flashlight, sheets or towels, corn syrup and red food coloring (for blood) and your husband, wife or best friend as a victim. You’ll need a digital camera/smart phone to take “morgue” type photos and one at the crime scene so the teams can take their evidence photos. You’ll also need: team evidence collection bags (plastic shopping bags or something fancier – your choice), some make up, office supplies such as envelopes, glue, packing tape, black marker, poster board, folders, pencils, binders, pads of paper, watercolor paint and clipboards.

We’ll let you know exactly what you need to get and where you can get it in our handy organizers’ guide that comes with this game.

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