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Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor downloadable scavenger hunts

Attention event planners, businesses, fund-raising organizations and party planners!

Here’s a creative, time saving solution for your entertainment needs:

Haley Productions’ do-it-yourself downloadable scavenger hunts will make your party or event awesome!

We offer way more than just “ideas”. Our scavenger hunts include not only a fabulous and fun hunt but our step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, rules of the game, great support from the game designer and more.

We save you hours of your valuable time and provide a high quality game everyone will love. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Operation Time Flies, a timed scavenger hunt suitable for playing around your home & neighborhood or you can take it out on the town. It’s comprised of picture challenges, a word search/find items challenge, a bonus challenge and final team projects. All these activities are designed to keep the teams creatively engaged from start to finish.


Operation When Nature Calls, our nature scavenger hunt with photo challenges, items to find and creative team projects. This is an outdoor nature scavenger hunt game suitable for a medium to large park or recreation area (it was originally designed for a state park). It can be adapted to a campground.

In addition to these scavenger hunts games, Haley Productions offers other outdoor hunts geared for any place with shops and businesses, a scavenger hunt just for couples, a Las Vegas scavenger hunt and San Francisco scavenger hunts.

Testimonial: “The scavenger hunt was great!  Our group did it yesterday and they had a blast! Since this was a group of college girls, they started off being “put out” at the thought of doing a scavenger hunt.  But when they came back they were laughing with each other, having so much fun and ended up being very competitive! Being able to customize the hunt by simply editing the Word Document was priceless. Thank you! Sincerely, Julie McGehee, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK”  [Read more reviews for our scavenger hunts.]

All our scavenger hunt games can be immediately downloaded. No waiting! No shipping & handling!

About Haley Productions
Susan Haley, a New England native founded her company in 1987. At that time, she produced live performance interactive murder mysteries. Susan relocated her company to San Francisco in 1993 and a few years later, she began selling her do-it-yourself games online. She also sells murder mystery games and interactive games for kids.

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