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CSI + Private Investigators: TV vs. Reality

CSI TV shows and detective dramas…

We are addicted.  No doubt about it.   We love ’em and Hollywood obliges our addiction. Two more CSI shows were introduced to TV watchers this year (and I so wish they were better than they are).

Our TV detectives and CSI’s save lives, solve mysteries, and don’t take crap from anyone. They are fearless. They all have amazing intelligence and intuition. They are founts of knowledge. Oh, and they’re good human beings too of course.

Crime Scene Investigation game for kidsThese shows are so popular that kids everywhere wanna be a CSI.  One of my most popular kids games is Operation Crime Scene Investigation.

CSI Careers: How Real is TV?

“Any career in the field of criminal justice is going to be exciting, challenging and world-changing (because you are helping put the bad guys away), but shows like CSI tend to glamorize the often tedious work of crime scene analysis….”  Read more ‘reality’ here:  It’s an interesting fact vs. fiction read.

Now, how about a CSI workshop?

Summer Camp

And learn more about the reality here: How to become a crime scene analyst

Wanna Become a Private Investigator?

Read this fact sheet or this one.

Learn about the types of PI’s here.

And for those of you that just enjoy being an arm chair detective check out the CRIME LIBRARY

And finally, just for the curiosity factor, here’s an article I found interesting:

Could crowd-sourced policing turn us into vigilantes – or bedroom super sleuths?

“An increasingly popular weekend pastime among fans of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Inspector Morse and others, are murder mystery parties at which participants pit their wits against secret killers. But are these murder mysteries – described by one organiser as “Cluedo for real” – simply just a bit of fun, or do they reveal important insights into the human condition in this information age that might help society fight crime in the future?”

For the answer to that question and more, click here.

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