Want A Free Super Fun Murder Mystery Game?

Whoever submits the best caption for this photo – uh, that’s me in the middle –  will win a FREE murder mystery game from Haley’s Games.

Haley's Murder Mystery Games - Zombies


  1. Post your caption in the comment box below.  The caption must relate to a murder or mystery and must not be R-Rated or offensive in any way.
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Winner selected on 5/15/13.

Let’s see your creativity and imagination at work!

Susan Haley
Chief Imagination Officer & Creative Director of Haley’s Games


“Thanks for providing a low-cost, quality product with such a caring attitude.”

Margaret Sanders, Hartwell, GA

“We have used the murder mystery in a box, but it’s dull compared to your interactive format and comedy.”

Kim Nolan, Modesto, CA

“You are a goddess. The murder mystery game script and the other documents are incredible. Thank you sooooo much.”

Ted Sharon, Fredonia NY

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