Keeps the kids occupied and using their amazing creativity and imagination during a wedding reception with this photo scavenger hunt of sorts.

Have each of them take the following pictures during the reception:

  1. 2 people kissing – but not the bride and groom
  2. the bride and the groom kissing
  3. someone eating
  4. the bride and groom cutting the cake
  5. a pair of shoes
  6. food you think looks yummy
  7. laughing people
  8. crying people
  9. someone making a funny face
  10. people dancing
  11. something unusual
  12. a close up of something
  13. a photo you absolutely think should go into the bride and groom’s wedding album
  14. 2 kids pretending to get married and one other kid pretending to be the minister
  15. someone wearing purple
  16. someone wearing a hat
  17. the person you think dressed in the best outfit
  18. a close up of any part of a person’s face (eye, nose. ear…)
  19. find 2 people who you think should be married and have them pose for your picture
  20. make a drawing that includes your name and then take a photo of it

Collect their images and make a photo collage of the best photos as a gift for the bride and groom or show them off after the bride and groom cut the wedding cake if you have the ability to set up a computer and projection screen.

You’ll need a digital camera or smart phone for the kids and some construction paper and crayons or drawing supplies as well.  We recommend you assign an adult or teenager to oversee the kids.

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