San Francisco Scavenger Hunt Game – Review

Operation Streets of San Francisco Scavenger Hunt Game on Fisherman’s Wharf Mission: Make a bachelorette party MEMORABLE and AMAZING! “Oh. My. Goodness! We did the Fisherman’s Wharf Scavenger Hunt Game for my sister’s bachelorette party. I changed some of the rules to make it more event appropriate for us and we used one team with everyone […]

Create A Scavenger Hunt Game

Challenge From Our Scavenger Hunt Games

Stoke creativity and imagination with a super fun scavenger hunt you can design yourself. I wrote a detailed article on how to create and design your own scavenger hunt from scratch.

11 Great Reasons to Buy a Scavenger Hunt Game

A scavenger hunt team having fun

Why buy a scavenger hunt game when you could just create one yourself with ideas and lists you’ve ‘scavenged’ from the Internet? This article gives you 11 solid reasons and a money-saving coupon. 1. Save time! Buying a complete scavenger hunt game kit is a great time saver for you. With a pre-designed kit, almost […]

Best Party Games Ever – How Reviews Help

Haley's Games photo - Daahling, Haley's Games ar the best party games ever!

I sell interactive party games (scavenger hunts, murder mystery games and kids’ games).  It’s how I make my living.  There are so many game sites out there, I have to make sure I create the best party games ever.  But how do you know they’re great?  Testimonials and reviews are a big help. To help […]

Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids and Families

Easter Scavenger Hunts

Easter Egg Hunt – Only Better Our  Operation Egghead Easter Scavenger Hunt  is a great choice for families and organizations searching for a fun and interactive entertainment idea for their Easter celebration. It was the created by Barbara Pelat for her family and it was such a great success and so much fun, we at […]