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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Success

Murder mystery dinner theater at the Sugarloaf Golf Club

I love starting off my mornings with emails like this:

Next of Kin Murder Mystery Game“Good morning, Susan…

I just thought you’d like some feedback from our show Friday & Saturday.

WE are a pretty small venue and were hopeful we would have approx 50 guests per night.  We had 53 & 57, so I was thrilled with the response.  I previously attended a MMDT (Haley’s Games note: MMDT=murder mystery dinner theater – not ours) and HATED IT!  The crowd was drunk and loud, the actors were below average and the night took too long.  We had been there almost 5 hours, the actors took a break and there was no crime yet to solve….very disappointing. I wanted to do one and avoid those mistakes.  So I hired local (extremely seasoned) actors and paid them, fed them during practices & the shows…we provided guests with a very nice buffet and set up our dining room so that every table had a great view of the “action”.  I had a chance to visit every table before and after the show and can tell you that every guest (ages 14-90!!!!) said the same thing…”What a great time!  Do it again!” 

The Power of Facebook for Promoting Your Event

Next of Kin Murder Mystery GameI want to embrace Facebook.  I really, really, really do.  I try. I swear I do but, in truth I continue to resist it. It makes me cranky.  It’s a time suck.  I’m resentful of it.  Blah, blah, blah….

…And then I go and get an email from a customer who has leveraged the power Facebook of to promote his murder mystery dinner.  Dammit!

He writes: