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A Cool Kids Scavenger Hunt (School Aged Kids)

Kids Scavenger Hunt GameGame of the Day: Operation Kovert Kids Scavenger Hunt

A Classic Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids Aged 7 – 12

REVIEW: “YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The party was a huge success. As one child said, ‘This is the best party ever.’ We had twelve boys altogether, 6 on each team. It was really a fun time. It kept those crazy, boys busy for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! A mothers dream! 🙂 🙂 My skeptical husband, who I did let go with one of the teams, LOVED it! He said the boys really had a great time. His words, “Honey, you did a great job, you really did.” THANKS A BUNCH!!! YOU ROCK! All the moms thought I was crazy for even having 12 boys……you proved you can have a large party and not go insane!! LOL Until next party…..” Mollie Brown

And yes it’s awesome for girls too 🙂