Host a Large Group Murder Mystery Party

Host a Large Group Murder Mystery Party Like Felicia Did! Felicia is one of our ‘repeat offenders’ if you will.  Here are photos from four murder mystery dinners she’s hosted. You too can use our murder mystery games to host a fabulous dinner party for large groups or for a fun team bonding corporate event. […]

Time-Saving Tip: Ready To Go Party Game Kits

Scavenger Hunt Games - Challenge

Are you making plans for a PARTY, SPECIAL EVENT, FUNDRAISER or CORPORATE EVENT? Are you out of time and “blow them away” ideas? Overwhelmed? Desperately need help? I have a solution for you and my customers will agree. Every time I sell one of my party game kits, I follow up with my customer.  These […]

Mafia Murder Mystery Game – A Noir Crime Story

The Mafia Murders Murder Mystery Game

Murder Most Memorable – A Femme Fatale Remembers It was a dark and stormy night. I was enjoyin’ a stack of wheats (I enjoy my breakfast at night – whaddya gonna do about it?) and a cuppa joe when I had a flashback – to murder. It put a wrinkle in my forehead, that’s flat; and a […]

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Success

Murder mystery dinner theater at the Sugarloaf Golf Club I love starting off my mornings with emails like this: “Good morning, Susan… I just thought you’d like some feedback from our show Friday & Saturday. WE are a pretty small venue and were hopeful we would have approx 50 guests per night.  We had 53 […]

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ideas + Additions

Hosting one of our murder mystery dinners?  Here are some creative ideas to consider as fun additions to the party: 1. The human scavenger hunt: “One thing that helped us to get the crowd involved –especially that size–and to encourage people to mingle with each other and then our characters–was that we began with a “human […]