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Halloween Party Plans – Here Are Some Ideas

Halloween is coming! What are your Halloween party plans?

Hopefully you have none because, as you can imagine, we have some Halloween party suggestions for ALL ages 🙂

Halloween murder mystery game
Our Halloween murder mystery dinner party game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Teens & Adults
Operation Black Cat
Our Halloween hunt for you and your friends
(teens and adults)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for KidsOperation Haunted House
Our Halloween scavenger hunt game For 7 – 12 year olds

Or do all 3!? Yeah, that’s probably overkill huh? Ha, ha! “Overkill”.

More Halloween Party Ideas:

Halloween party ideasOur Halloween special effects tip: fake blood

Make fake blood using a mixture of light corn syrup and red food coloring. You can even make blood bags: fill the corner of a baggie with the blood.  Tie it tight (no air in the baggie) and cut off the excess so you have a little “nugget” of blood.  Tape it under your clothes and hit it at a dramatic moment to start bleeding or pop it in your mouth and bit down to “suddenly” begin bleeding from the mouth.  Very cool, very dramatic yet very simple and inexpensive to create.

Another cool special effect for Halloween: foaming at the mouth.  Great for the undead or the poisoned.  

You’ll need a ÂĽ tablet of Alka Seltzer mixed with a mouthful of water (seltzer or fizzy water is best).  On the sly, put the ÂĽ tablet under your tongue and take a mouthful of water and swish it around; do not open your mouth yet.  When you’re ready for your dramatic moment,  open your mouth JUST A BIT and voila! You’re foaming at the mouth.

Don’t forget to download one of our Halloween games today!

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Best Murder Mystery Games – Period

Murder mystery game happy danceWe received this testimonial letter today for our murder mystery dinner party games.  Wow! Just wow! We’re doing a happy dance here at Haley Productions!

Best Murder Mystery Games – Period!

“I had to write to let you know how much we love Haley Productions’ Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre scripts!  We believe yours are the best, period.  After purchasing mysteries from other companies, we eventually bought one of yours.  Since that time, we buy your mysteries exclusively.  We’ve had no need to look anywhere else. 

We love that the mysteries are all-inclusive (the download includes EVERYTHING!)  There’s no need to change or plan anything, if we choose: from writing lines for each role, figuring out props needed or deciding on a timeline and menu for the evening, all is completely organized and very easy to implement! 

We also appreciate the additional hints/ideas, the “Organizer Instructions” being immensely helpful, and the mysteries being adaptable to specific holidays/events.  They are organized in a cohesive manner, so we can easily locate “Evidence Log,” “Prop List,”  “Primary Characters,” “Secondary Suspects,” etc.

Finally, the most important reason we solely purchase the scripts from Haley Productions is that you are so willing to be of assistance  and accommodate our needs.  

In today’s world, it’s rare when a company goes the extra mile, but you always do!  As a small nonprofit historic venue, the value, quality and personal service we receive for such a reasonable price is rare and much appreciated. If we can ever do anything for you, please let us know!”

Thanks again!

Cynthia Tippett Masucci
Vice President
Huntsville, AL  35801

Hollywood murder mystery game suspectsCheck out the best murder mystery games here. Immediate download! Let’s do this!

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Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Game – Summer Party Idea

Hawaiian Luau murder mystery gameNeed an awesome, knock it outta the ballpark idea for your summer pool party?

We have your solution:

Murder on Maui, Our Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Game

The story: You’re invited to one of Harold Logan’s (in)famous luaus and a fundraiser for HAAL, The Hawaiian Association of Authentic Leis.

Read more about the plot and suspects and download a game sample here:

Some reviews for “Murder on Maui”:

I should have written this long ago, but I wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved Murder on Maui. My husband played the smarmy lounge singer and I thought I would die from laughing. It was hysterical! Everyone really got into it, and we had so much fun doing it! Definitely a favorite that I would recommend to everyone! Sherrie Hansen, The Blue Belle Inn, St. Ansgar, Iowa

We did “Murder on Maui” last year and everyone had such a good time, they wanted to do it again this year. With all of the added information that you send with the script, the group thinks I am a genius, even though I give you the credit! Thanks again, Pepi Parshall

The Murder on Maui script was easy to follow and the mystery itself was cute. The company I work for did the Murder Mystery as a fun break from a training retreat conducted away from the office for all the Information System department employees. After the presentation, every one commented on how fun the event was and that it was much better than the Murder Mystery performed last year (by a professional acting group). Thanks for following up on our event and thanks for providing such a wonderful product. Neil Danzig, Columbia, MD

Here’s a  is a detailed account by Kristine Tibbs of her very successful murder mystery evening. It has some nice ideas you can use:


Here are some HILARIOUS photos to inspire you:

Order Murder On Maui, our Hawaiian themed murder mystery game now – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Get your summer pool party started!

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Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game – The Deadman’s Chest

“The murder mysteries are a community favorite at the clubhouse every year. Our subdivision association has over 900 families with plenty of talented volunteers. We have no shortage of folks that want to help with props, costumes, decor, etc. I think this was our 6th one and they/we seem to raise the bar every year.”

Til next time –
Teresa Jobe
Turtle Cove, Monticello, GA

Easy To Adapt Murder Mystery Games

Did you know that our large group murder mystery games are easy to adapt?  Yup, they are. 

I was inspired to write about this particular topic because of some feedback from two of my repeat customers.  Clearly I’m not the only “chief imagination officer” ’round here!

Faye Boninu of Yorktown, VA, one of my repeat customers, emailed me to say, “I think these murder mystery games are so neat….and what I like is the ability to tailor them to a group, add a character or expand the characters part….in keeping with the central theme.”

Will-Reading-Murder-Mystery-McQuade-1Madeleine Espinoza of Grenada Hills, CA told me what she does to adapt and add to my murder mystery games.  Her ideas were worth sharing.

She wrote, “Our school has done 4 of your murder mystery games and this will be our 5th year. I have one great suggestion. We have our drama club students learn dancing for each play. For your country and western mystery game, The Demise of the Downhome Dealers, we did line dancing and for your pirate mystery game, The Deadman’s Chest, we did the Virginia Reel. We give out raffle tickets for all those who participate in dancing and costumes etc. The crowd loves it and then we give out small prizes in the end.”

“Whenever we need a bit more time, we call people up for various things. For Deadman’s Chest we took the pirate speak you provided and asked people to come up and read them. People loved it – we also had the drama club teach the tango to our guests. We purchase music to set the mood and we have even had live bands. It is quite a production.”

“Oh just remember that all the things you ask the audience to do give them a raffle ticket. We give everyone one as they come in for being there to support the fundraiser. We also take all the people who got the correct answer and pull one best detective.”

“This year we may go with a Hollywood Bowl style setup where people can either bring dinner to their table or sit at a table with just munchies. The ticket will include a beverage and dessert…Some guests didn’t want to buy the more expensive dinner ticket so we thought this might work too.”

If you want more inspiration you should check out all the testimonials on our website. Any creative idea that I’ve posted from my customers is seriously impressive and inspiring.  Use ’em.

I wanted to remind you that we also have fabulous kids’ games and fabulous scavenger hunt games.  Just sayin’…

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