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Have We Got Some Holiday Party Suggestions for You! Woot!

Are you desperately searching for some great “think outside the box” Christmas and holiday party ideas for you, your kids or your company?

Wanna get away from the “been there, done that and I never want to do it again” boring old party?

Want to keep your kids entertained and fully engaged in a fun Christmas activity so they’ll stop bugging you about all the things they want Santa to bring them?

Well you’ve come to the right blog!

Here are our super fun game suggestions for your holiday party (for you, your company or your kids):  

Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games Give Holiday Parties A Unique, Memorable Twist

Holiday party idea: A super fun murder mystery game!

Party planners looking for a way to spice up their holiday party are contacting a gal named Sue (that’s me!).  I’m the Chief Imagination Officer of Haley Productions’ Games. If you follow this blog and I know you do, Haley Productions designs do-it-yourself murder mystery dinner party games for large groups and offers immediate online delivery of their complete mystery game kits.

December is a very stressful time of year for most people.  They need an escape, even if just for a little while, from their everyday world.  An escape that will stir their imagination, their sense of humor and their curiosity. Haley Productions’ murder mystery games will help any party planner create a fun, entertaining Christmas party with an unexpected twist.  We’ve all been to the holiday event that includes dinner and perhaps a DJ for some dancing. It’s the norm and it’s been done to death, if you’ll pardon the pun.  My murder mysteries games allow you to shake it up, to break away from the ‘been there, done that, please don’t make me do it again’ holiday party. – Susan Haley, Chief Imagination Officer