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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! What are your Halloween party ideas?

Hopefully you have no plans because, as you can imagine, we have some Halloween party suggestions for ALL ages ūüôā

Halloween murder mystery game
Our Halloween murder mystery dinner party game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Teens & Adults
Operation Black Cat
Our Halloween hunt for you and your friends
(teens and adults)

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Operation Haunted House
Our Halloween scavenger hunt game For 7 – 12 year olds

Or do all 3!? Yeah, that’s probably overkill huh? Ha, ha! “Overkill”.


Is a Murder Mystery Game Right for YOUR Event?

Thinking about doing a murder mystery game but not sure if it will be a good fit for your event?

I love that my mystery games are used for all sorts of events from fundraisers to house parties to church events to … well, whatever!

Each year, the Mora Area Chamber of Commerce performs one of our murder mystery games.  Karen Amundson is their fearless leader, director, actor, stage manager, stage hand and jack of all trades.  Her creativity and imagination are inspiring with every adaptation she makes to our games. Her efforts combined with our mystery games make for one successful event after another, like this one:

“The murder mystery dinner this year was a HIT…

Especially when my main male character (after he “died”) came swankering out to the bar for a drink, as a woman with very large boobies with fantastic nipples in a very tight stretchy dress! All eyes were on him/her and, well, we pretty much lost it for a while! He had his wig on backwards, but it really worked on him/her!

Irish Themed Murder Mystery Game“Taking Life One Shot at at Time” or “The 225th Annual Meeting of the O’Gilvie Irish Whiskey Distillery” adapted from your “Next of Kin” … (Ogilvie is a small town near Mora where we live. – We’re ScandinavianIrish Murder Mystery Game¬†around here, mostly. Not many Irish – but falling near St. Patrick’s Day – what could we do!??) We sold shots of Jameson – in special stainless steel shot glasses we had made – with O’Gilvie – Fine Irish Whiskey – printed on them.

I played Sister Coreen. It was so fun!

Thank you again, Susan.”

Karen Amundson
Mora Area Chamber of Commerce, Mora MN

Here’s a testimonial for our murder mystery games from a church group that I just love:

“We have used two of your murder mystery games for church fundraisers. The last one was Bordello of the Damned (cast pictured). We tied this in with raising awareness of human trafficking. We donated a portion to Lutheran Social Services to help with their programs. We are a small rural church with lots of people who believe we can do almost any thing. Your games have been a big hit with everyone and a blast to perform. A neighboring church asked us to help them raise money for a local man whose restaurant burned down, so I came back to you for another murder mystery. We couldn’t decide which one to do so we bought four. We will use one this winter and one next summer for hopefully a good cause. Your games work so well for us, and our shows usually sell out. Thank you, Gene Gatewood, Svea Lutheran Church, Svea, MN”

Here’s a testimonial for our murder mystery games for a corporate event:

“We surprised the whole group with your¬†Spies Like Us Team Building Mystery Game¬†by covertly incorporating your characters into our meeting. They were prepared for a long boring lecture¬†Photo: Team building murder mystery game victimdetailing a new product for our company from an ET Mars imposter. One of our supervisors (AKA Wanda Frohickey – one of the prime suspects in your murder mystery) jumped up and started yelling at the guest speaker saying he was not ET Mars. Everyone was stunned. They couldn’t believe she would stand up and yell at such an important representative of our company. The “real” ET Mars came out and called for security to escort the imposter from the building. Out I came in a security uniform and doing my best Barney Fife impersonation. People were laughing throughout the dinner and they still thought we actually had a new drug for the company in development. Overall, we had a great time and we really enjoyed the dinner. Thank you for the great script and making our dinner successful. Kind Regards,¬†Daryl Dawson, Quincy, MA”

And last but definitely not least is a testimonial from a teenager for our Hollywood themed murder mystery game, Final Cut:

I just came back from one of the most enjoyably gratifying events of my life. Granted, I’ve only been alive for 16 years, but this is definitely one I will remember. At my high school, I am the Treasurer of our Thespian Society Chapter. We were very low in club funds so we decided to put on a Murder Mystery Dinner to raise money. I was the director and organizer of the event, and the materials that came with the “Final Cut” mystery game were such a big help. The student actors thoroughly enjoyed breaking from the standard “stage performance” and exploring interactive and improvisational theater. We had a caterer, raffles, place cards, sternos, everything to make the dinner legitimate and, in a way, classy. The audience absolutely loved the performance. EVERYONE in the high school cafeteria enjoyed themselves tremendously, and we were able to raise over $500.¬†Thank you so much for the basis for an amazing evening. We hope to make this an annual event, and we will of course use you next time =) Sincerely,¬†Maria Knieste and the Hills West Thespian Society, Dix Hill, NY”


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Victorian Era Slang & Phrases

Here’s our downloadable PDF of Victorian Era Slang & Phrases to use with our Victorian era murder mystery games:

Murder Mystery Game: Thirst for BloodHalloween Murder Mystery Game

Devil’s Gulch is cursed which makes its annual Halloween costume party doomed. You can also do this one anytime of the year by changing the party to The Annual Groundhog Day Gala or The Annual Turnip Festival Gala, etc. Alternate title: The Mystery of Devil’s Gulch.

REVIEW: “I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did in writing Thirst for Blood!¬†I belong to a women’s group and we did the play as a social event the week before Halloween.¬†We had a wonderful time! Thirst for Blood was perfect for the occasion! Creepy, campy, silly, scary, it had it all!¬†The “actors” rose to the occasion and did an amazing job.¬†The script had EVERYTHING! The more we read through it, the more it came together.¬†Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed it. Thanks again for your wonderful work! We thoroughly enjoyed your murder mystery and certainly hope others choose to try one of your scripts out as well.” Sincerely,¬†Mary Jones, Ann Arbor, MI¬† [READ MORE]

Murder Mystery Game: Diary of a Burning WomanChristmas/Holiday Mystery Dinner Party Game

Ebenezer Pennypincher is visited by a ghost who has a story to tell and a mystery to solve. For your holiday party it becomes The Ghost Of Christmas Past but this script is adaptable to anytime of the year.

REVIEW: “The Diary of a Burning Woman mystery game was an astounding success, and great fun to perform. So much so that we have decided to do some more…just because we enjoyed it so much.¬†Audience feedback included “We go to these whenever we can in England….we have never been to one as good as this!” and, on a detective sheet, “We have no idea who did the murder and we don’t care…just thank you so much for a dream of an evening”.¬†You are right about the thunderous applause mentioned in the script…we got a standing ovation.”¬†Andrew Bicknell, Benitachell Alicante, Spain [READ MORE]


Victorian lingo for our murder mystery gamesClick to download:¬†Victorian Era Lingo and Phrases-Haley’s Games


Order and download a murder mystery game now and get your party started.

[COUPON] Halloween Party Games for Kids + Adults

We have some super fun Halloween party games for you – and a discount coupon for each!

A scavenger hunt for kids, another hunt for older teens and adults and a murder mystery game.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids          Halloween Murder Mystery Game          Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Teens & Adults

Way cooler than a costume party.  Instant download so you can get your party started TODAY!

Our kids’ mystery games + scavenger hunts are on sale!

Don’t forget that our kids’ mystery games ¬†+ scavenger hunts are on sale!

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  • Kids Scavenger Hunt: Operation Kovert Kids
  • Kids Mystery Game: Operation Crime Scene Investigation
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  • Kids Scavenger Hunt: Operation Birthday Bash
  • Kids Mystery Game: The Special Ones
  • Kids Party Game: Operation Medieval Merriment
  • Kids Treasure Hunt: Operation Pirate Party
  • Kids Christian Scavenger Hunt: Operation Sunday School
  • Kids Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Operation Haunted House – HALLOWEEN IS NEXT MONTH!
  • Kids Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Operation Reindeer Games

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