Kids’ Scavenger Hunts + Mystery Games On Sale!

CSI Game Trace Lab

Our fun scavenger hunts + mystery games for kids are on sale for $9.99 this month. Regular price:  $15.99.  SAVE $6.00! Order and download a kids’ scavenger hunt or mystery game now! Our interactive games are designed to inspire imagination and creativity – and to help make your job preparing the party much, much easier […]

Team Games For Kids – Wicked Fun!

Check out these fun team games for kids age 7 to 13 Moms and dads are always searching for fun and interactive entertainment ideas for their child’s party right? Of course right. We got ’em.  No, really we do. I swear. Our team games for kids are designed to help make it easy for parents who […]

CSI Game for Adults

Well who knew adults could have as much fun and be just as challenged with our Operation Crime Scene Investigation game as the kids we originally designed it for? Our customer Laura Oswald did, that’s who? Here’s what she told us by email:

Sale on Super Fun Scavenger Hunts + Mystery Games

Ya know what?   I feel like offering a special discount on my games. That’s what! Haley’s Games 15% Off Sale Order between now and July 10th, 2015 and save 15% off your order. COUPON CODE: fireworks Valid on one order only. Not valid with other coupons or discounts. Minimum order $15.99. Order today then get […]