Next of Kin Murder Mystery GameI want to embrace Facebook.  I really, really, really do.  I try. I swear I do but, in truth I continue to resist it. It makes me cranky.  It’s a time suck.  I’m resentful of it.  Blah, blah, blah….

…And then I go and get an email from a customer who has leveraged the power Facebook of to promote his murder mystery dinner.  Dammit!

He writes:

Dear Susan, I wanted to fill you in on our production of Next of Kin. The Drama Club at Clearwater Christian College wanted to put together a sit down banquet for our students. We had to do a little editing, which was fine, and it turned out great. I just wanted to pass on some of our marketing ideas and feedback.

What we did in order to get students interested (usually they are not excited about much) was to have Hamilton “Big Daddy” Sugarbaker get up during chapel and invite everyone to the reading of his will. We created a Facebook account with his name and had more information there. And I believe the Facebook account brought more attention to the event than his announcement did. We went out with our “cast” and staged a family picnic and put those pictures up for people to see. In retrospect to get more people involved we should have had more characters create Facebook accounts and have them post on his wall. But it all worked out. We had about 100 students and faculty show.

The hall that we reserved did not really accommodate parking, so we had to bus the students to and from. So, we had the show start on the bus. Bobby (a butler…not a nurse) talked with the passengers, filling them in on the characters backgrounds while they were in transit.

…Overall the night went very well. It was highly praised by the students, which is not normal.  << Susan’s comment: This made me laugh out loud.  Been there, done that.

We were pleased with the show, and we will most likely do another show next year. Thank you!

-Ben Weaver
Staff Supervisor of Drama Club

So how have you leveraged the power of Facebook?  Care to share?  Turn my “I hate Facebook” frown into a “Facebook Rocks” smile?