Murder Mystery Game Reviews, A Video and Pictures!

Murder Mystery Game Reviews

Our customers think we have the BEST murder mystery games so we think you should get inspired by these reviews and buy one now!

Review for our murder mystery game, A Deadly Incentive:

“We did ‘A Deadly Incentive‘ as a fundraiser for the PV Police Foundation and it was a smashing success. We did have one complaint: a gal said her cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. ūüôā We love those complaints. Thanks for providing the complete package. We just love¬†it!!¬†Your game package¬†takes all the work out of putting on the play. ¬†Lots of fun, fun, fun.¬†People are already talking about this year’s fundraiser.¬†We are so glad we found your website.”

Ginny Reeves
President, PVPolice Foundation

Review for our pirate mardi gras murder mystery game, The Dead Man’s Chest¬†

“Thank you Susan, a very fun show, ‘The Dead Man’s Chest! We renamed it ‘An Aye for An Aye’. I played the Governor’s Butler, Agador Cornelius, a character I just threw in. I was also the M.C.¬†I changed some names too. Jasper VonTura was our governor – you may know of our past actual Governor, Jesse Ventura? The Governor’s wife, Raylene¬†VonTura¬†stuffed her top and when she died, well Lilly the pirate pulled out her stuffing…”

“We also added this song (without the video)¬†played on guitar and sung by Ambrose Whiff (Ben Rossow, our Director) and his sidekick Peter Morgan (Morgan Dancer) on the drums. We were a bit concerned about the lyrics, but figured – what the heck. No one fainted but a couple “ladies” came close! ¬†(Arrrggh Matey!¬†Fair warning: this song is hilarious but a wee bit naughty.)


“We’re doing a Halloween Theme for 2014. Though in March, we feel everyone loves to come in costume and everyone’s got something Halloween-ie right? Your ‘Thirst For Blood’ murder mystery game looks just right.”

“Thank you again for allowing us to use your murder mystery scripts to raise funds for our community. We think you’re marvelous!”

Karen Amundson
Mora Area Chamber of Commerce
Mora, MN

Review for our murder mystery game, Spies Like Us:

“We’re laughing! When we did our last one (‘Next of Kin‘) we wanted to make sure everyone in the audience knew the victim was dead so the rest of the cast announced it – “he’s dead!” and we got a big laugh. We plan to do the same in this one. We are in a 55+ community so all of our actors are older so we don’t fall to the floor when dying but onto a chair and have “body removers” – who are labeled as such – get the victim into a wheelchair and remove them from the premises. We think our first victim is going to get a sign to wear that says “Dead – but still¬†hungry” so he can have his dinner.”

Sarah Raymond
Middletown DE

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