I have always wanted to be a dancer. A sexy dancer. With rhythm.  And just the right amount of attitude. It’s been my secret dream for all of my life.  If I get into the zone of “dancing like no one is watching” I think I do okay. Well, at least I have a whole lotta FUN!  The minute I focus on what I’m doing, fuhgettaboutit.  It’s like I have 2 left feet and I’m encased in cement.  My first Zumba class comes to mind.

So this cool little guy made me smile. If I could dance that well at his age, well my dream might have come true.

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All our games are designed to inspire imagination and creativity – and to help make your job preparing the party much, much easier and much less time consuming. These are also great team building activities for the kids and many are perfect youth group, classroom or after school activities!

TESTIMONIAL: YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The party was a huge success. As one child said, “This is the best party ever.” We had twelve boys altogether, 6 on each team. It was really a fun time. It kept those crazy, boys busy for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! A mothers dream! 🙂 🙂 My skeptical husband, who I did let go with one of the teams, LOVED it! He said the boys really had a great time. His words, “Honey, you did a great job, you really did.” THANKS A BUNCH!!! YOU ROCK! All the moms thought I was crazy for even having 12 boys……you proved you can have a large party and not go insane!! LOL Until next party…..Mollie Brown, Madison, GA  [READ MORE REVIEWS FOR OUR KIDS’ GAMES HERE]

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