Our kids’ mystery games + scavenger hunts are on sale!

Don’t forget that our kids’ mystery games  + scavenger hunts are on sale!

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Get ’em away from the TV and the video games for some good, old-fashioned, interactive FUN!

We save you hours of your valuable time and provide a high quality game your kids will love. It’s a win-win for everyone!


  • Kids Scavenger Hunt: Operation Kovert Kids
  • Kids Mystery Game: Operation Crime Scene Investigation
  • Kids Scavenger Hunt/Mystery Game: Operation Catch Me If You Can
  • Kids Scavenger Hunt: Operation Birthday Bash
  • Kids Mystery Game: The Special Ones
  • Kids Party Game: Operation Medieval Merriment
  • Kids Treasure Hunt: Operation Pirate Party
  • Kids Christian Scavenger Hunt: Operation Sunday School
  • Kids Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Operation Haunted House – HALLOWEEN IS NEXT MONTH!
  • Kids Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Operation Reindeer Games

ORDER + DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW!  The sale ends in a week – 8/31/16.

Experience the POWER of fun.

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