CSI classroom game: The victimOne review of many for our Operation Crime Scene Investigation Game for kids:

“I really was impressed with the CSI game I purchased from you. It was for my daughter’s 14th birthday party. She and some of her friends are big fans of the shows and since we’ve been doing theme birthday parties for her since first grade, we’re always looking for something fun and different and this was perfect. I was a little concerned it might be too easy for her age group, but it wasn’t and they loved it. You provided everything! The instructions were very organized and clear. All the forms were great and made it so authentic. I especially liked that you explained how long it would take to do everything… that helped me plan my time. Plus, you told me to read through it a few times. You were right and it fell together as I prepared each part. Thank you so much for the terrific CSI game and for making it so thorough and professional. I was totally pleased with your product and will definitely recommend it to my friends.” -Margaret Rynshall, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

CSI Game Trace LabThis is a group game where the children become CSI detectives and solve a crime

You as the facilitator will provide the different labs to enable the kids to use their collected evidence to assemble a profile of the suspect. This template allows you to modify the suspect’s identity to be anyone who will be attending the party without their knowledge. This way the actual criminal is investigating his or herself without knowing it.

As the facilitator you will need to set up a crime scene somewhere where the party is being held (you and your volunteer victim are gonna have fun setting this up!). You’ll chose death by gun shot, stabbing, bludgeoning or strangulation based on the age of the kids attending the party – gunshots have quite a bit of blood but strangulation has very little. All the party attendees will be able to view, photograph and document the evidence left at the scene. Once they have completed their viewing and taken careful notes, they’ll visit 6 forensic labs.

The object of the game is to visit all the labs and compare their collected evidence against the crime databases to see what they can find out about the victim and the suspect. After visiting all the labs they will need to sit down and go through their answers to see if they can identify the suspect. Each team is competing against each other so secrecy is a must. If they share their answers with another team, that team may beat them to the final solution.

Classroom activity: CSI girls working the caseIT’S GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN FOR THE KIDS!

GREAT VALUE!! This creative, fun crime investigation game includes a step by step organizer guide, all lab documents and evidence files, CSI ID card, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes, support from the game designer & more. It’s great for team building.

If you’re looking for CSI activities for kids, crime scene investigation games for kids, forensic experiments for kids, and/or CSI science experiments for kids then you’ve probably hit the jackpot 🙂 Check it out: Operation Crime Scene Investigation

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