Halloween is just around the corner! What are your Halloween party ideas?

Hopefully you have no plans because, as you can imagine, we have some Halloween party suggestions for ALL ages 🙂

Or do all 3!? Yeah, that’s probably overkill huh? Ha, ha! “Overkill”.

More Halloween party ideas: Special effects you can easily and inexpensively create yourself.

Our Halloween special effects tip:

Make fake blood using a mixture of light corn syrup and red food coloring. You can even make blood bags: fill the corner of a baggie with the blood.  Tie it tight (no air in the baggie) and cut off the excess so you have a little “nugget” of blood.  Tape it under your clothes and hit it at a dramatic moment to start bleeding or pop it in your mouth and bit down to “suddenly” begin bleeding from the mouth.  Very cool, very dramatic yet very simple and inexpensive to create.

Another cool special effect for Halloween: Foaming at the mouth.  Great for the undead or the poisoned.  

You’ll need a ¼ tablet of Alka Seltzer mixed with a mouthful of water (seltzer or fizzy water is best).  On the sly, put the ¼ tablet under your tongue and take a mouthful of water and swish it around; do not open your mouth yet.  When you’re ready for your dramatic moment,  open your mouth JUST A BIT and voila! You’re foaming at the mouth.

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