Guilty Dogs & Murder Mystery Games

AsGuilty Dogs like Denver on Haley's Games blog a murder mystery game writer I have a passion for a good crime story.  And I have a passion for animals. Combine ’em and you get these hilarious guilty dogs.

Check ’em out. They’re short and they’re funny so they’ll make a nice break in your day.

Speaking of guilty dogs, when I need a laugh, I also love the Dog Shaming site.

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BONUS: Why God Made A Dog

Guilty dogs on Haley's Games blogSupport an animal lover today and check out my murder mystery games, scavenger hunts and kids’ party games.

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  • Awesome outdoor scavenger hunts for teens, adults and even for your company team building activity.  Get out and play – the old fashioned way!
  • Fabulously fun murder mystery games for large groups and yes, for your company team building.
  • For the kids, in addition to our scavenger hunt games and mystery games (NO murders), we have a forensics crime investigation activities/CSI game, a pirate treasure hunt and a medieval knights game to add to the mix.

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