Fresh, New Content – My Ass

Everywhere we look we business owners are being told to create great content to attract people to our websites.

That’s why there are so many blogs out there.  We’re ALL vying for your attention through our blogs in the hope that our content will be so compelling and will attract you like flies so you’ll see how fabulous we are and want to do business with us.

Makes me cranky!

For us busy small business owners writing unique content for our blog or website that’s aimed at target audience is a HUGE, time consuming task to take on and it’s frustrating to have to think about on a consistent basis. We’re trying to build and run a small business for goodness sake. There just aren’t enough hours in the day which causes me to have major mental blocks in brainstorming ideas or researching those ideas or getting them in writing – and I’m a creative person.  Add to that everyone who knows “you must have great content because Google said so” is now trying desperately to provide that great content which makes creating UNIQUE and great content a very difficult thing – in my mind anyway. AND every adult human being (my target audience) feels a time crunch every single minute of every single day so it seems to me that no one has much time to read all this great content we’re working so hard to create. I feel like a hampster on a spinning wheel with this one. Personally I think Google started all this just so they have an excuse as to why we’re not on page 1 of their search directory: In their god-like minds we apparently don’t have good quality content for their users when I think the truth is they just favor those that pay ’em (Adwords, Adsense).  Conspiracy theory or fact?  You decide.

Which leads me back to…Fresh, New Content – My Ass!

It used to be so simple.  You had a solid website, sold great products, did SEO (search engine optimization) for the best placement on the search engines and people came, they bought, they were doing happy dances.  I was too!  (Was being the operative word. Sob!)

Not any more.  We small business owners don’t stand a chance in hell if we need to spend our days with thinking up great content to get good placement in Google. It doesn’t matter any more if we have a great product and great customer service. That just makes me sad.

I don’t even want to talk about the time suck that is social media.  Gag!

Hey, I feel better after venting. Isn’t this great content for discussion?  Google, are you reading?  I think this post should be on page 1 of your search directory.

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