To Encourage Creativity in Kids, Ask Them: ‘What if’? – The New York Times

What if… (finish that sentence)

From an article by by Matt Richtel:

“I was in a second-grade classroom recently reading from my new children’s book, “Runaway Booger.” After I finished, and the giggling subsided, several students asked a version of the same question: Why did you write about a humongous ball of mucus?

It was the question I’d hoped for.

I was using the reading session, at the teacher’s request, to get the children to think about creativity.

Where does creativity come from? Are there tricks they can use to be more creative, or, for that matter, that parents and educators can instill? …”

In reading further into the article you’ll find that a nifty measure for how to know whether we’ve helped our child come up with something truly creative is when we see or hear or read the end product of true creativity … we will experience four emotions: surprise, stimulation, satisfaction and savoring.

Source: To Encourage Creativity in Kids, Ask Them: ‘What if’? – The New York Times

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Here’s a testimonial for one of our creative kids’ games, Operation Kovert Kids. submitted by Nina Brooks, a mom in Madison, AL to inspire you:

The Kovert Kids scavenger hunt was a big success! It was for 14 & 15 year old girls. There was even one 16 year old present. And I heard them all commenting to my daughter that it had been a really fun night!…they thought they were too old for that sort of thing. But they found that it was really a lot of fun! I think the collections and the pictures were the “most” fun. They got VERY CREATIVE. It was a hoot! I was panicking about having to start from scratch and have it be ‘cool enough’ for that age group. So having something to start with and modify was a great relief to me. … I think for this age group, doing odd & silly things appealed to that age group. And one more note: with this age group, they took it “seriously” about the comment that they got points for be REALLY CREATIVE!!! It was great!!! Thanks a bunch for your ideas and hard work!! :- All in all, it was a major success!  [Read more fabulous reviews for our creative kids’ team games here]

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