Easter Egg Hunt – Only Better

Easter Scavenger Hunts - Instant Download!Our  Operation Egghead Easter Scavenger Hunt  is a great choice for families and organizations searching for a fun and interactive entertainment idea for their Easter celebration.

It was the created by Barbara Pelat for her family and it was such a great success and so much fun, we at Haley Productions decided to share her creativity and imagination with our customers.

This Easter hunt game is not your traditional Easter Egg hunt.  It includes a variety of exciting activities for all ages to keep everyone involved.  There are team road challenges, mystery challenges, puzzles to solve, and of course a SCAVENGER HUNT loaded with surprises! It not only promotes fun and team building, it also gets you to discover your town or community and celebrate the holiday at the same time.

“I had the opportunity to organize and host ‘ Operation Recovery ’ (another scavenger hunt by Haley Productions) at my workplace for nearly 100 people well over a year ago.  It was a huge success and has made a tremendous impact on team project work, work relationships and even business results.  Many people still talk about the event even today and I’m sure it will be in our memories for many years to come.”

“This event inspired me to create ‘ Operation Egghead: The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game ’ for our family Easter celebration last year.  Everyone was tired of the same old holiday tradition and wanted to do something different.  It turned out to be an absolutely fun day for everyone.  Our youngest participant was 3 and the oldest was 86! It seemed only natural to submit my hunt to Susan when I read she was looking for new games.  I’m thrilled it’s now part of Haley Productions’ Adventure Hunt Series.”  – Barbara Pelat

Operation Egghead was so popular Barbara created a “sequel”,  Operation Egghead II Scavenger Hunt with new and exciting challenges . There are team challenges, mystery challenges, puzzles to solve, and of course a SCAVENGER HUNT loaded with surprises!

 Haley Productions also offers a variety of other scavenger hunt games for kids.  They also have some GREAT scavenger hunts for adults and corporate team building.

Check ’em out.  Good weather is coming.  Time to go outside and play!