Families and organizations (youth groups, churches, neighborhood groups…) searching for a fun and interactive entertainment idea for their Easter celebration are calling on us to help with their plans.  We have 2 great Easter scavenger hunts available for immediate download.  No waiting, no shipping & handling fees.

Operation Egghead: The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game is an Easter scavenger hunt designed by game designer, Barbara Pelat.

“I had the opportunity to organize and host ‘Operation Recovery’ (another scavenger hunt by Haley Productions) at my workplace for nearly 100 people.” Barbara says, “It was a huge success and has made a tremendous impact on team project work, work relationships and even business results.  Many people still talk about the event even today and I’m sure it will be in our memories for many years to come.”

She continues, “This event inspired me to create ‘Operation Egghead: The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game’ for our family Easter.  Everyone was tired of the same old holiday tradition and wanted to do something different.  It turned out to be an absolutely fun day for everyone.  Our youngest participant was 3 and the oldest was 86! It seemed only natural to submit my hunt to Susan when I read she was looking for new games.  I’m thrilled it’s now part of Haley Productions’ Adventure Hunt Series.”

Operation Egghead: The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game was so successful, Barbara created her follow up interactive hunt aptly called Operation Egghead II, The Great Easter Scavenger Hunt, Part 2.

These creative, fun Easter scavenger hunts includes a step by step organizer guide, award certificates, invitations, thank you notes & more.  They’re a great value at only $15.99.  We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality games your family will love.


“WOW, for the first time in a while I got to see everyone in the family enjoy a game together.  Trust me it isn’t easy getting 20 people to play together and have fun at the same time.  But you know what, this Easter hunt did that for us.  We got to the location and everything was setup, from the teams, to the activities and all of a sudden we were off on the hunt.  The great thing about this hunt is that it got the competitive juices flowing, mainly because the variety of activities were challenging and at the same time a lot of fun.  I especially enjoyed the “secret puzzle” challenge.  We were given very specific clues and locations, we had to go and find hidden eggs containing the puzzle pieces and then solve the secret identities. Then came the egg roll game which was a blast.  The best part of the day was at the end, where every team had to setup a parade using items we collected or made during the game.   If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your Easter celebration I strongly recommend this game for you to try out.  Sincerely,  Dominic Bouchard, Belle River, Canada.”

In addition to the Operation Egghead hunts, Haley Productions’ offers a variety of other scavenger hunt games for both kids and adults.