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How to Plan, Write and Host Your Own Large Group Murder Mystery Party


How to Plan, Write and Host Your Own Large Group Murder Mystery Party

If you want to create an utterly fun, wickedly awesome, totally memorable party your guests will be talking about for months to come then this is the guide for you.

If you find those mysteries in a box to be dull, then this is the guide for you.

If you’re bursting at the seams with creativity and have a love for a good mysteries, then this is definitely the guide for you.

Have We Got Some Holiday Party Suggestions for You! Woot!

Are you desperately searching for some great “think outside the box” Christmas and holiday party ideas for you, your kids or your company?

Wanna get away from the “been there, done that and I never want to do it again” boring old party?

Want to keep your kids entertained and fully engaged in a fun Christmas activity so they’ll stop bugging you about all the things they want Santa to bring them?

Well you’ve come to the right blog!

Here are our super fun game suggestions for your holiday party (for you, your company or your kids):  

[COUPON] Halloween Party Games for Kids + Adults

We have some super fun Halloween party games for you – and a discount coupon for each!

A scavenger hunt for kids, another hunt for older teens and adults and a murder mystery game.


Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids          Halloween Murder Mystery Game          Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Teens & Adults

Way cooler than a costume party.  Instant download so you can get your party started TODAY!

Desperate For Fabulous Party Ideas This Summer?

You know when you’re desperately trying to find some fun, unusual and fabulous party ideas for your party or your kids’ party and the search engines return so many results you just feel overwhelmed?

Well, I thought I’d provide you with some reviews we’ve received for some of our super fun party games to inspire your imagination on what kind of memorable party you want to have. Look for our money saving 25% off coupon too (expires 7/12/17).

OPERATION OUR TOWN SCAVENGER HUNT GAME – a perfect summer party game

Scavenger Hunt Games - Downloadable - photo of team having funOperation Our Town scavenger hunt was a HUGE success at my family reunion!! We ALL – everyone – had a great time. The interaction was exactly what was needed. You learn a lot about people through such activities. I can’t wait to try another one of your hunts. By the way I liked to read what others thought about the product before buying and I love that you communicate with your audience – it adds such a personal touch! Wonderful! – Andrea Johnson

A DEADLY INCENTIVE  – a murder mystery game for large groups

We did “A Deadly Incentive” as a fundraiser for the Foundation and it was a smashing success. We did have one complaint: a gal said her cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. 🙂 We love those complaints. Thanks for providing the complete package. We just love it and that’s why we’re back for more! – Ginny Reeves, President, PV Police Foundation

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – a mystery scavenger hunt game for kids

Mystery Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids - photo of teamThe girls had a great time! It (Operation Catch Me If You Can) helped keep 8 seven and eight-year old girls busy for a sleepover party. It was great having something structured like this for the girls to do—help prevent cliques being formed and the cattiness that often occurs with little girls. This was a very entertaining party idea and very well-priced! By morning all of the girls left saying, “This was the best sleepover party ever!” Also, thank for the excellent customer service that is so often lacking in most business. – Debbie, New York mom of 5

More murder mystery games for large groups: Murder on Maui, The Demise of the Downhome Dealers, Final Cut and A Deadly Incentive 

Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery Game - cast photoI am expecting to have a very good time with this latest one – as always!! The last one was OUTSTANDING!!! My secondary suspects really got into it and gave us even more laughs!! Thanks again for such a fun, fantastic product!! – Jeri Reeve, Our Wonderful Repeat Offender – she just keeps comin’ back for more!

OPERATION BIRTHDAY BASH – a kids’ scavenger hunt

The birthday party scavenger hunt, Operation Birthday Bash was a BLAST! Thanks again! We have ordered from y’all before and you NEVER disappoint.- Ember Mandell.  (We also have another great scavenger hunt for kids: Operation Kovert Kids.)

THE MAFIA MURDERS – our 1920’s gangster murder mystery game and one of our most popular games.

I’m sharing Janey Hudson’s newsletter for party idea inspiration as well as her testimonial.


Gangster 1920's murder mystery game - suspect photoHi, Susan, this is kind of a long e-mail, but it’s all good, so please bear with it!

We are retirees in a community in Central Florida. A couple of years ago we did your Mafia murder mystery. At the same time, I also undertook an elaborate Italian dinner with a “speakeasy” type decor for 160 of our closest friends and neighbors. It was an absolutely SMASHING success and we vowed to do another one the next year.

Last year, someone else decided to “cook” and they decided on a German theme. I perused your offerings and couldn’t find anything I thought was appropriate, so I (sigh!) bought a “murder mystery” from another vendor because it kind of “fit” the evening’s meal. I can honestly say, it was disappointing to my husband and I because it had absolutely no “pop” to it. I was glad when the night was over.

Pirate Mardi Gras Murder Mystery Game - suspect photoThis year, before anyone else could usurp the kitchen (lol) I offered again to host a murder for a large group. My meal/city is New Orleans/Mardi Gras so Dead Man’s Chest (our pirate Mardi Gras murder mystery game) is perfect…We have already found a life size pirate cut-out which we plan to have people stand up and get their pictures taken as “pirates”.

I know this is long, but I just wanted to let you know how much fun we have with your productions and how disappointed we were when we chose another one. I guess we’ll know not to go “fishing” elsewhere for something you have. LOL. P.S. Our “extravaganzas” sell out lock, stock and barrel within about a week of posting tickets for sale! 


Italian Murder Mystery
Dinner, Murder and Dessert!

Uh-Oh!!!!! Somebody killed ‘da Boss! And we all know that means “somebody” has to pay, pay, pay. Please join The Beacon Terrace Players as they present a murder mystery in the infamous local Italian speakeasy, The Library, (located in the BT clubhouse) … for an evening of great food, good company, and, unfortunately, a dastardly murder. Never fear, BT neighbors, the “neighborhood” is once again made safe because of top notch detective work by the local primo gumshoes and their massive team of assistants (a/k/a dinner guests) who for one night are given the courtesy title of “The Beacon Terrace Detective Squad” (okay, they‘re the Fuzz). Justice ultimately prevails because of combined efforts and relentless sleuthing, to collaborate, solve the case, catch the bad guy and, in the end, point the long arm of the law toward WHO DONE IT!

Watch for soon to be posted announcements providing more details of this upcoming event. Expect to be waited on by your professional Beacon Terrace wait staff, entertained by The Beacon Terrace Players who will act their hearts out to grab your attention, and the BT Fuzz Division who do their best to keep the community crime free. The BT Players will be in period 1920s attire and will astound you with their trash talking mob slang. Don’t miss out on this exciting evening of fun!

We have lots more reviews on our website should these not be enough to inspire you.

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Here’s a nice summary/overview of men’s styles and fashion from 1860 to 1975.

If you need to create a costume, keep these tips in mind. You’ll be amazed at what you can find in second hand clothing stores!  We created many of our murder mystery dinner theater costumes using this simple guide, some photos for visuals and a second hand store.

For some great visuals, do searches on Pinterest.  It’s a goldmine of photographs and drawings of period styles and costumes.  Click here for men’s fashion and style resource links for each decade just to give you examples: Men’s Fashion by Decade Resource Links.

1860-1919 Men’s Fashion

Never left the house without a hat but might take it off once inside.


  • Top hats for the elegantly dressed, golf caps for casual, bowlers, skimmers (or boaters), fedoras towards the 1920’s.


  • Black or brown tie shoes, plain black or brown boots.


  • Watch fobs, pocket watches, light weight leather gloves, tie pins, argyle socks w/knickers, walking frock: long jacket, short lapels, buttoned high w/ matching trim cut trousers. Double-breasted 1st appeared.

1920 – 34 Men’s Fashion

Decadence, dapper


  • Flat tops, boaters, fedoras, golf caps, top hats.


  • Black or brown tie shoes.


  • Handkerchief in the pocket, carnation in the lapel, gloves w/a top hat, canes for elegance not function. Ties were medium width or bowed in solid, striped or polka dots. Suspenders. Wide-bottomed trousers & zoot suits. Double- breasted.

1935 – 46 Men’s Fashion

Conservative, bland but the most elegant time before the war. WWII restricted: no double-breasted, no pleats, cuffs or full trousers


  • Fedoras, caps for the young boys.


  • Black or brown tie shoes.


  • Handkerchief in the pocket, ties were wide and conservative except for the playboy types (loud). Suspenders.

1947 – 57 Men’s Fashion

“The Thin Man”, Ed Sullivan, Marlon Brando in “Street Car”. After WWII, wide lapels. Early 50’s, olive, drab gray, no stand outs due to McCarthy’s witch hunts.


  • Fedoras


  • Black or brown tie shoes. Suede “hush puppy” and loafers for the 50’s.


  • Ties were medium to wide, bow ties popular with the young and nerdy. Gray flannel, tight fitting suits

1958 – 67 Men’s Fashion


  • Fedoras, if any.


  • Loafers, top siders, Black or brown tie shoes, suede tie shoes, slip ons.


  • Ties narrow and conservative, turtlenecks became popular in mid-60’s.

1968 – 75 Men’s Fashion

Anything goes.

70’s: polyester leisure suits, wide lapels, pleated pants


  • Hippie: headband.
  • Baseball caps


  • Hippie: sneakers, sandals, barefoot.
  • Same as 1958 – 67 for the rest.


  • Love beads, fringe vest, Download

Download: Haleys Games – Men’s Fashion by Decade

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Order and download one of our fun murder mystery games.  We have lots of period scripts!