To Encourage Creativity in Kids, Ask Them: ‘What if’? – The New York Times

What if… (finish that sentence) From an article by by Matt Richtel: “I was in a second-grade classroom recently reading from my new children’s book, “Runaway Booger.” After I finished, and the giggling subsided, several students asked a version of the same question: Why did you write about a humongous ball of mucus? It was … [Read more…]

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The 50% discount on our new holiday mystery game, It’s a Killer Life, expires in 3 days – Friday, 12/1. Order this Christmas murder mystery game for your holiday party! USE COUPON CODE: jimmy HURRY! EXPIRES 12/1/16 Read more, download a script sample and buy here. Check out our other holiday-themed murder mystery games in this … [Read more…]