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Murder Mysteries

What Happened To Sam Disney large group mystery game

What Happened To Sam Disney?

Gotham City has a mysterious benefactor. Or they did. Now he’s gone missing and it’s up to you to find him! [6 prime suspects. No murders, kidnapping only.]

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Vintage Murder wine-themed large group murder mystery game

Vintage Murder

An historical winery is forced to go up for sale and there are some who would kill to get their hands on it. [6 prime suspects]

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Thirst For Blood large group murder mystery game for Halloween

Thirst For Blood

Devil’s Gulch is cursed which makes its annual town gala doomed. (Great for Halloween!) [8 prime suspects]

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The Dead Man's Chest mardi gras pirate large group murder mystery game

The Dead Man’s Chest

This Mardi Gras Ball will become a swashbuckling pirate adventure to search for a dead man’s treasure chest. [8 prime suspects]

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Spies Like Us large group murder mystery game

Spies Like Us

Our tribute to science fiction complete with alien fanatics and really strange people. [6 prime suspects]

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Rushmore's Revenge all female large group murder mystery game

Rushmore’s Revenge

Changes are coming to the Rushmore Beauty Academy for Women – an institution where nothing has changed in its 80-year history. [6 prime suspects]

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My Alma Martyr large group murder mystery game

My Alma Martyr

This class reunion won’t be boring but it will be deadly. Do you dare attend? [8 prime suspects]

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Final Cut large group murder mystery game

Final Cut

Director Eddie Cheek is looking for backers for his new movie so he’s throwing a gala shindig for interested parties. [6 prime suspects]

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Bordello Of The Damned large group murder mystery game

Bordello Of The Damned

Y’all are invited to Miss Iggy’s, the best little whorehouse (or dance hall) in Deadwood – or shall we say the deadliest? [8 prime suspects]

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