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Welcome to your solution:  HALEY'S GAMES

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Graphic: A great value on our downloadable gamesWe offer way more than just "ideas". Our games include a step-by-step organizer and party planning guide, award certificates, invitations, great customer service and support and more! Game kits are easy to edit and customize. We save you hours of your valuable time & provide a high quality, budget-friendly game everyone will love. Pick a game, download it and get your party started!

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Valentine's Day game ideas

We have 2 featured games for Valentine's Day. One is a romantic scavenger hunt and the other is a 1920’s gangster mystery (remember the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago?). Both games are awesome….READ MORE

Learn More About Our Spectacular Scavenger Hunt Games

Scavenger Hunt Game ChallengeFind Item & Photo Scavenger Hunts, Nature Hunt, Romantic Hunt, Halloween Hunt, Hunts for Las Vegas & San Francisco

Corporate Team Building Scavenger Hunts Also Available.

Our Best Selling Scavenger HuntsOur Best Sellers
Click on the name of any game for more details

Our Town Scavenger Hunt GraphicOPERATION OUR TOWN
with photo challenges, items to find and fun team projects. For any place with shops and businesses.

Nature Scavenger Hunt GraphicOPERATION WHEN NATURE CALLS
for a state park or recreation area. Photo challenges, items to find and fun team projects.


Our 16-page guide to designing a location to location riddle hunt for your city or town. We'll also include access to our 5 social media-themed bonus challenges.

 Most scavenger hunt games are only $19.99. Our corporate team building scavenger hunts are only $34.99.

View Downloadable Scavenger Hunts Here

Learn More About Our Fabulously Fun Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Game SuspectsAction packed & hilarious murder mystery games for large groups.

Dinner Parties, Fundraisers, Events

Fun Corporate Team Building Murder Mystery Games Also Available.

Our Best Selling Murder Mystery Games for Large GroupsOur Best Sellers
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Graphic: Next Of Kin Murder Mystery Game Graphic: Wedding Themed Murder Mystery GameGraphic: Hawaiian Luau Mystery Game

 Read how our LARGE GROUP murder mystery party games are played.

 Mystery game themes to choose from, suspect descriptions, ratings guide and game samples to download.

 View Our Murder Mystery Mini-Movie

 These murder mystery games are only $24.99. Our corporate team building mystery games are only $39.99.

View Downloadable Scavenger Hunts Here

Learn More About Our "This Is The Best Party Ever" Games for Children

CSI Game for Kids SuspectScavenger Hunts for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter & Halloween, Mystery Games, A CSI Game, A Pirate Treasure Hunt, A Medieval Knights Game

Great for interactive "get 'em away from the TV & video games" fun!

Our Best Selling Kids' GamesOur Best Sellers
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Graphic: Kids' scavenger hunt gameOPERATION KOVERT KIDS House Party & Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Photo challenges, find items and fun projects. Ages 7 to 13.

Graphic: Scavenger hunt mystery game for kidsOPERATION CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Scavenger Hunt & Mystery Game
For ages 7 to 12.

A challenging CSI forensic game for kids aged 10 to 16.

  And we have MORE fun games for kids aged 7 and up. All these group games are only $15.99!

View Downloadable Scavenger Hunts Here

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Photos of mystery games, scavenger hunts, team building activities, kids' games in action

"I downloaded the kids' Halloween Scavenger Hunt and Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunt Game with no problems! I have five children with birthdays during the fall and winter, and I needed something that I didn't have to plan or think about, since I just had a baby. I love how everything is all spelled out for me. I also love that I can edit the games to suit the age group of my children. I'm always "killing myself" to plan and prepare for their parties, but this time I don't feel so pressured or overwhelmed. Thank you for offering these great parties, especially for busy moms like me!"

"We would like to say a huge Thank You to Susan Haley. Once again her mystery party script provided an evening of superb entertainment. We had the audience in stitches. And let me tell you, when she writes "The audience will love this" she's not kidding! One of the best things about her murder mystery scripts is that once they are ordered and paid for, boom, they are in your inbox. No long waits for rights or shipping, and you get everything you need! We have been using Susan's murder mystery games for over eight years and we have had nothing but success with them. We highly recommend them."

"We just had our annual Aunts/Cousins weekend and I wanted to tell you that my family had a great time with Operation Our Town Scavenger Hunt. I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I've received nothing but praise from family and we have some awesome photo keepsakes from our weekend. We change each year on who is responsible for the fun and games and the group taking it on for next year and worried they cannot stand up to this one. I gave them your website to check out for ideas."

"We had looked at several options for presenting a murder mystery at our library. We had even thought of writing our own murder mystery game script. However, once we saw what Susan was able to provide for us, the decision was easily made. It was more than we could have hoped for. Her script allowed us to customize parts of the script to fit our needs and limitations, but also gave us a wonderful plot and colorful characters that we could have never made on our own. In addition to that, the mystery game package included all of the graphics, programs, etc. that we needed. In short, Haley Productions saved us innumerable hours of frustrating work and was affordable enough to allow our entire project to cost less than we had anticipated. Next of Kin murder mystery game was a huge success! Cast members and attendees both had a blast! This project has generated a lot of interest and excitement about the library, making our Next of Kin mystery program twice as beneficial to us. Thank you Susan!"

"The scavenger hunt game was great and I would do it again in a minute. I think the packaging, payment  process, rules, collection items, etc. etc. etc. were just great.  I know that we will be talking about this for years to come.  I will also plug your company whenever possible and will even think about a repeat performance for the team of people who's direct efforts I manage.  Thanks for taking all the planning out of the equation and providing everything in a need package in a 24 time frame.  YAHOO to Haley Productions! Your company really started the whole wedding celebration off with a bang. We will remember it always.  My fiancé has suggested some annual event similar to this activity.  THANK YOU!"

"My son is a bit of a loner so it was very stressful for him leading up to this (Operation Kovert Kids scavenger hunt game) because he didn't know what I was planning. He was worried it was going to be to "kiddish" (his words not mine), and because most of his class was planning to attend he was worried of what they would think. On top of everything else my husband ended up being deployed to the middle east the day before the party which stressed my son out even more. When it was finally revealed that night that everyone was going on a scavenger hunt, they were THRILLED and were actually cheering, it was great and a huge weight off my shoulders that I chosen wisely for the planned activities. Everyone had a great time. I even had a group of girls come and tell me that if they had to grade this party on a scale of 1-10, they give it an 11!!! Many others told me its was the greatest party of the year. A few parents called the next day to say that their kids had such a great time that they were still talking about it! I think it helped my sons self esteem more than anything else. I've noticed that when I drop him off at school now a lot of the kids go out of their way to say hello to him in the morning, when before they didn't even seem to notice him. He has been smiling all week..." [read more - it will be worth your time if you're a parent!]

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